Increase Security at Special Events with Pre-Printed Expiring Wristbands

Increase Security at Special Events with Pre-Printed Expiring WristbandsThe most cost effective way to monitor the type of guests that you have at any of your special events is to issue wristbands.

You might want to take a page from some of these nightclubs that hand stamp their guests once they have paid admission. Usually, the hand stamp says that persons legal identification card has been verified by security and that they paid and are of legal age to be served alcoholic beverages.

However, if youre organizing an event where the guests might not take to kindly to getting their hand stamped, then consider pre-printed expiring wristbands by Specialist ID. Specialist ID is an online wholesale badge ID holder and accessory distributor based in Miami, Florida. With so many events going on in the Miami area, we know a thing or two about temporary passes!

Some organizers prefer ordering custom ID badges complete with lanyards, badge reels or badge clipswhich are all acceptable depending on what kind of special event youre organizing. For something that is fairly inexpensive and will get the job done, many purchasers might be tempted in just going to their local office supply store. We encourage you to stay away from such options! Getting a sticker nametag to jot down admission with a Sharpie is not going to look professional and it will not look authentic because anybody can duplicate it.

What you want is something that looks professional, is lightweight, visible and easy-to-read. The Temporary Pre-Printed Expiring Wristbands comes in a box of 1,000 that includes three different color-coded ID options:

  1.  VIP
  2. One Day Pass
  3.  Legal Age

These three options are perfect for event control, especially for family-friendly events. In such events, vendors need to know whom theyre able to serve alcoholic beverages to. Security needs to know which ones actually paid for a one-day pass and which ones havent. Organizers will also be able to accurately monitor who paid for VIP access.

The size of these pre-printed wristbands are 1 x 10, so it can adjust to any size wrist.

The best feature about these wristbands is that once the secure adhesive is sealed for closure, the entire wristband will be tear proof and stretch-resistant, making it impossible to take off without warping the entire band. Furthermore, the expiring process takes place as the wristband changes color eventually revealing red diagonal lines.

While one pack comes with 1,000 wristbands, the minimum order is 5 packs totaling 5,000 color-assorted wristbands. Place your order online with us today and well ship your wristbands out in 24 hours after processing it. You can have your wristbands on your doorstep in 2-6 business days.

Contact us today with questions or call 1-800-380-6726.

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