Leather Badge Holder

I know what you were thinking when you saw this picture; This blog article is just for police officers, law enforcement officials, security guards, FBI agents, investigators, and all those people that are out there flexing their power and leaving me tickets and bossing me around the town when I'm just trying to go about my day, and

Hold on Taylor Swift. Ima let you finish

Yes, this is the coolest badge holder on the market for cops.

But then again, if you have half as much fun reading this as I did writing it than I think we can both agree that the saying, never judge a book by its cover, has lived another day.

There's something about a leather badge holder that's just cool. Miles Davis cool. And everyone that I've seen with one of these has become a little cooler after they've worn it. For example, I've got this friend, he's a firefighter, well call him Tucker. I asked Tucker if hed mind wearing our new leather badge holder at work next week and to give me a ring later to let me know what he thought.

But Tucker doesn't like to follow rules, and as soon as I handed it over to him he whipped the leather ID badge holder open and stuck his firefighter badge in the front flap, slid his ID under the nylon in the back flap, clamped the velcro bi-fold flaps together shut and swung the 33″ beaded-ball neck chain around his head.

Right there, in front of my eyes, Tucker transformed into full-blown firefighter mode.

The leather ID looked great, it really did, and he would have kept it there too had I not insisted he should wear them from his belt loop instead. Quite frankly, Tucker had other parts of his outfit that weren't exactly living up to the honorable, hiqh-quality black leather badge holder and firefighter badge combo, swinging from his chest like a pendulum. I also thought that he looked rather ridiculous and was causing shame and humiliation to himself firefighters, his mother, and the people we were about to meet.

I said, Yo TK, the neon green sunglasses hugging your face are clashing with your firefighter image, man. You're too top-heavy. Too many cool things from the waist up. You gotta level it out, put the leather badge holder on your belt loop instead if you're gonna insist on wearing sunglasses all night.

He tucked the ball-necklace into the pouch behind the front flap, fastened the bi-fold badge holder shut around his belt, and walked down the strip like an imaginary boss.

Fast-forward fifteen minutes and a few blocks later, and there's Tucker and I standing inside of some new, pseudo-Scandinavian bar owned by some wealthy Italians from west Pennsylvania that didn't seem to care about their ears, when suddenly, overall this groundbreaking decimal reggae-ton music blasting out the last fibers of cilia hairs, I hear Tucker's voice soaring above all the madness, and I look over just as he's finished ordering the bleach-blonde aspiring actress at the bar to pour him a shot of Tequila into a lightbulb.

I was flabbergasted but hardly surprised. I honestly don't know where he comes up with this kind of stuff. Sometimes I wonder if he has some kind of bizarre fascination with fire and light, hence the whole firefighter, lightbulb thing. But then again, I ask myself if he might be, at his most fundamental nature, simply another pyromaniac obsessed with water, hence the whole firefighter, lightbulb thing.

The bartender smiled, completely blew him off and poured his drink into shot glass. Feeling belittled that she didn't take him seriously enough to attend to his obscene request, Tucker quickly flashed his leather ID badge holder at her, and, I don't know whether this lady is gonna win an academy award someday or not, but she underwent some kind of profound transformation as soon as her eyes met the leather badge holder and her expression changed almost immediately.

She became completely submissive. She turned out light.

She unscrewed the top and poured Tuckers Tequila into her lightbulb.

He won.

You see, there's a feeling of superiority, honor and respect that you gain from wearing a leather badge holder that you don't get when you flash any other ID badge holder. If you happen to watch the hit TV show Dexter, which is actually filmed on location right by our warehouses in Miami, Florida, then you've probably noticed before, those drastic changes that occur within the main character, Dexter Morgan before and after he removes his ID badge holder.

If you haven't, check out the clip we've provided below so that this makes more sense to you. When Dexter wears his leather badge holder he's a totally normal guy at work checking out some new blood splatter, but as soon as he takes it off and stashes his leather ID holder in his pants, he turns into Mr. Hyde before he slicing into his new cupcake.

But Dexter isn't alone, in that millions of officers around the world also prefer to conceal their badge holder when they aren't on the clock, and enjoy changing their look and comfort level as the situation occurs. Having three different carrying options also helps them relax since they can either wear their ID badge holder from their belt, neck chain or keep it in their pocket until they need to flash someone.

If you want to keep your badge holder in your pocket, go right on ahead. If you want to wear it on a neck chain, you know what to do. But if you want to put wear it from your belt, simply stuff the neck chain inside of the pocket-pouch located right behind the badge holder and then clamp it shut around new leather badge holder around your pant-gripper.

Our leather badge holder is roughly the same size as a standard bi-fold wallet. However, there's a small shape cut out from the leather in the center front of 1139, that's perfectly carved to fit and display your official metal badge. But there's also room on the back fold, where you can slide multiple standard credit card sized ID cards inside of a vinyl slip for clear visibility and easy access. The clear vinyl also protects and shields your ID from dirt, grime, and other factors which contribute to the degradation of your ID cards.

The leather bi-fold badge holder sticks together with a high quality, long-lasting velcro thats designed to keep your badge from opening and flapping around while hanging from your neck key-chain. The black leather material is stiff but feels more comfortable as it breaks in. From the tight stitching to the imprinted shape designed to carry your metal badge, the construction of this ID badge holder is of an impeccable quality that is made to serve and protect.

We recommend these leather ID holders for anyone that wants to look cool when they flash their leather badge holders from a neck-chain while carrying multiple IDs.

Also, check out our product demonstration video of Patrick enjoying the leather ID badge holder.

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