Military Badge Holders and Lanyards With No Minimum Order

Specialist ID, a wholesale badge and accessories distributor, offers many options for military badge holders and lanyards.

Serving in the military is probably one of the toughest yet rewarding careers in the world. There's no other way of showing American pride and honor than serving in the armed forces. However, with all the difficulties that accompany this job, losing a badge is something that could be a big issue for those who work within the field.

Whether you're in the military, know someone who is currently an active member, or maybe you know a vet, our badge holders, and lanyards are a wonderful way to say thank you for your service! Here are a few badge holders we recommend:

The lightweight adjustable neck ID badge holder with pen loop is very practical and trendy. This camouflage ID badge holder comes in a fold-over thin wallet with a hook and loop fastener. With two compartment pockets, you can store money, keys, or even a passport. The clear vinyl displayed in the front makes it easy to gain entry to secure areas. What makes this badge holder unique is that you can store your favorite pen in the convenient pen loop on the back.

The military neck ID badge holder is a simpler look. It has 2 pockets sealed with Velcro and a nylon cord that fits comfortably around the neck. This badge holder is great for visibility and comes in black, forest green and tan.

Our black and tan military neck ID badge holder with a zipper pocket comes with a Velcro seal and two pockets. One for storing ID and the other has a zipper where you can place credit cards or any other small personal items.

The Raine Military ID Badge Armband Holder with Two Straps is perfect for hands-free use. This comfortable vertically displayed badge comes with two adjustable straps that fit any arm size. Keep your badge safe from dirt and derby with the Velcro-sealed pocket. It comes in ABUCamo, black, forest green, Multicam, and tan.

Lanyards have evolved from being used to keep weapons close during combat to show wearers qualification or regimental affiliation. Today military lanyards are not only ideal for attaching ID badges, but also for fashion. Our military licensed breakaway lanyard with detachable lobster claw comes in a double-sided pre-print design, featuring each branch: Army, Navy, US Air Force, Marine, and Vietnam Veterans. The double-printed side is great if you want to change up your lanyard style once in a while. The breakaway safety feature makes it is easy to snap on and off the lanyard. We also offer pre-printed lanyards for Army, US Navy, and Marines.

With no minimum order, you can buy just one lanyard or badge holder for yourself or someone else, or buy in bulk for an entire department. We are sure that you'll love these items! If you have questions or need assistance, contact us or call at 1-800-380-6726.

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