Military Lanyards

Military Lanyards

Display Appreciation for the Armed Forces With Our Military Lanyards

Lanyards that display identification cards and credentials are used in many military bases and facilities across the United States; they are generally made with durable material and styling that matches the uniform regulations of each armed service. Our military lanyards have been in demand for a while, and we currently have a nice stock to meet your requests.

Whether you are showing your support or pride for the American armed forces, we have lanyards in styles reflecting each service: the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. We also carry the very popular camouflage pattern lanyards and one more style dedicated to veterans of the Vietnam War. These stitched lanyards are reversible, which means that one side shows the emblematic color of the armed service while the other displays camouflage reminiscent of the legacy woodland pattern with some updated touches that evoke modern fatigues.

Custom Military Lanyards

In addition to the military lanyards we currently have in stock, we can also customize them to your specific needs. In general, the lanyards measure 36 inches and are very conspicuous. They feature breakaway mechanisms for safety and come with detachable key rings that can be used as accessories to clip keys or small tools. These lanyards are made so that you can easily attach any slot-punched photo ID card or badge holder thanks to our hang-rite adapter mechanism. The advantage of breakaway lanyards goes beyond safety; at military hospitals or checkpoints, for example, medics and MPs do not run the risk of being pulled by their lanyards because they will detach with enough force. The detachable feature allows easy access to whatever essentials you are carrying without having to remove the entire lanyard.

Army Lanyards

This handsome lanyard celebrates one of the oldest branches of the U.S. military with one side displaying the service mark plus U.S. Army lettering on a field of gold. The other side features a camouflage pattern, an image of an armored combat vehicle, plus lettering.

Navy Lanyards

This lanyard celebrates the world’s finest and mightiest seagoing service with one side displaying the U.S. Navy lettering on a field of blue in addition to the emblem of the American eagle protected by a shield while carrying a traditional anchor. The other side features lettering on a camouflage pattern plus an image of a battleship.

There is one more military lanyard that we need to mention, and it will strongly appeal to those who have served: Our Charlie Foxtrot lanyard displays the unofficial motto of being able to prevail even when operational disorder has set in. Only those who have served or their loved ones will understand the true meaning of Charlie Foxtrot, which is emblazoned in military-style stencil lettering on a field of legacy woodland camouflage.

With our military lanyards, you can work hands-free while displaying important credentials and allowing the public to identify your favorite armed forces. We have recently expanded our selection of military lanyards representing the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Vietnam War veterans. All lanyards have different designs on each side and they have a silky-soft feel to them. We like offering variety and quality to our customers, and we also support the bravest armed forces in the world. Specialist ID is proud to offer these military-themed lanyards; please contact us for more information on this product, to place an order, or to discuss custom lanyards options.

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