Never Lose Your Credit Cards, Keys, IDs and Cash at the Beach Again! the longest time, whether Id be visiting the ocean at South Beach, slipping down the Venetian pool water park in the heart of Coral Gables, or spending an afternoon in a canoe fishing with friends, Id make it a point to bring my Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant Badge Holder, 1840-9000 with me to avoid losing that important everyday carry items.

Before even seeing the water, Id pop open the lid, pour in my cash, credit cards, keys, IDs, as well as those of my friends and family (they store up to 7 credit cards.) And after all of our things were safely stored inside the plastic sports case Id clip it shut and its rubber seal would keep any water from entering.

To learn more about how this water-resistant badge holder can help you never lose your IDs and cash at the beach again, keep on reading below.

The best part about wearing a lanyard is that youll always know where it is. This water-resistant ID badge holder comes with an adjustable black lanyard that hangs your waterproof ID holder comfortably around the chest area and above the belly button. Whenever the waves get too strong you can just tighten the loop so it wont slip off your head, and when the water is calm you can just loosen the loop and let loose. If you enjoy keeping everything within reach and hands-free, then you might want to add a personal touch and create custom lanyards to stand out from the crowd.

Yes, it is great for keeping keys, IDs and credit cards from getting wet, but with a little bit of imagination, it can be used for plenty of other occasions besides at beaches and water parks. From students at camp to retired grandparents on a cruise, this waterproof multi-card rigid badge holder is easy enough for anyone to use to protect ticket passes, important notes and documents, mints, matches, pocket knives and more handy accessories for your next trip.

Although I have had great times with this Multi-Card Badge Holder, I have noticed a few things that have made me second guess my habit of wearing it in public but it might not bother most people. Because I dont like to show people where I keep my money and my credit cards, walking around with a clear badge holder lets people can see whats inside. I feel like it puts a big old target on my back for thieves and gold diggers everywhere. On the other hand, its always easy to access specific cards when I can see where they are stored inside, and I dont have to wear it when Im out of the water.

Also, since I like to throw footballs around, surf and tumble when Im at the beach, I dont want my badge holder to break on me when it gets nicked or banged. Yet this is made from a light duty rigid plastic that isnt recommended for heavy duty applications. If you are interested in a stronger waterproof badge holder, I highly recommend you check out the Witz cases for heavy duty, top of the line waterproof sports cases. They just might become your new best friend for everyday carry.

Even though the clear multi-card rigid waterproof ID badge holder isnt as strong as the Witz sports cases, this light duty plastic does offer a good price on a good waterproof badge holder that gets the job done. Besides, I would rather carry this than carry nothing with me at all the next time I go to the beach. Wouldnt you?

If youve had any experiences with this case, or any questions, let us know by leaving a comment below. Wed love to hear from you! Check out our youtube video below of Cindy using her multi-card waterproof ID badge holder to see it in action.

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