4 Ways RN Nurses Can Personalize Their Badge Buddies

4 Ways RN Nurses Can Personalize Their Badge Buddies

For nurses at hospitals and doctor’s offices, having proper identification is always important. During busy shifts, it lets others know what job you are able to do and which areas you can enter. With a badge buddy, you can display this information clearly while having your regular ID completely visible. There are many ways you can personalize your ID and badge buddy that will add some unique flair to your work life.

Here are four ways RN nurses can personalize their badge buddies.

Color-Coded RN Badge Buddies

Having a color-coded system for your badge buddies may be a great way to differentiate your nurses. The "RN" horizontal badge buddy with a colored border provides instant role recognition for registered nurses. This hospital badge buddy attaches to the clip of your ID and displays "RN" on the front and back so the text is visible even if its flipped. With many different colors available, it is easy to set up a system where each color represents a different role for the nurses in your organization. You can personalize this badge buddy by adding fun stickers to the front without covering up what it says!

Customizable Badge Buddies

If you prefer to have different text on the front of your badge buddy, then a custom printed badge buddy will do the trick! They also come in a variety of colors so you can choose the ones that work best for your needs. You can personalize your text to display your name, occupation, and anything else that is pertinent to the job. Having a badge buddy to add to your ID badge will be a quick way to see what your role is. For some, there is no time to stop to ask what you are able to assist in. With badge buddies, they will know right away.

Badge Buddy For Pins

As an RN nurse, you probably have plenty of pins from years of service and other milestones. To display them all in one place, there is a badge buddy that can help you! The blank pin badge buddy has seven holes that are already made so you can place your pins in them. The blank badge is longer than normal badge buddies, so you can wear this one and an RN badge buddy and it will still display your pins without covering them. You no longer have to take your pins on and off of your scrubs to show off the ones you have earned! It is easy to interchange the pins- just remove them and put in a new one. You can rotate your favorite pins and always have a new array to showcase your accomplishments.

Social Distancing Badge Buddy

For workplaces that require social distancing, a social distancing badge buddy will remind others of the protocol. This will work with the RN and custom badge buddies since it is longer and will show beneath it. This addition is great for having to meet with people outside of your medical workplace. For guests of patients who may not be familiar with the rules, having a badge that states you are following the six feet of distance guideline makes it clear that you intend to obey the rules. They will also be able to see your regular ID and badge buddy.

Having a badge buddy can make it easier for others to know your role as an RN nurse. There are many ways to make it your own with the help of Specialist ID. Explore your options today!
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