Organic Lanyards for Eco-Friendly Businesses

Lanyards have been around for many years. They are an easy way to display tickets, badges, and other important documentation. Lanyards are also made from many different products. Today there is the option of using lanyards while helping the environment. Go green with new lanyards on the market that Specialist ID has to offer, but first, lets learn a little more about eco-friendly lanyards.

There are many different products that are used to make lanyards. We strive to make sure that all our products are good for the environment and help to recycle as much as possible. Many eco-friendly lanyards are made from recycled materials. Some of these recycled materials include used water bottles and other throw-aways that you may toss away in your recycle bin. Such material creates lanyards that are flexible and sturdy.

Bamboo is another material recyclable lanyards are made from. The lanyards that we produce are 100% bamboo. Bamboo is a sustainable substance that grows remarkably fast in the world. That is why it is such a good option. It is plentiful and regrows fast. Bamboo also does not require any fertilizer or chemicals to help its growth. These lanyards are not only eco-friendly but they are cost effective as well.

Earth Friendly Bamboo Lanyard With Breakaway

The Earth-Friendly Bamboo Lanyard that Specialist ID offers is made of a cellulose fiber that is sustainable enough to endure the wear and tear, but natural enough to easily break down in the soil after discarding. This is environment-friendly lanyard is definitely the greener option!

The last type of eco-friendly material that lanyards are made from is cotton. The type of cotton used for eco-friendly lanyards is completely organic. This means that it does not contain the chemicals that many synthetic cotton blends contain.

There are many reasons you should choose an eco-friendly lanyard for your business. The first reason is that it is sustainable and made from materials that will last. You will get your moneys worth from the product. The second reason is that it is budget friendly. Lanyards that are eco-friendly are primarily made from materials that are already recycled and typically come at a reduced price. They are also made from materials that are in abundance in the world today.

When it comes to getting your order of organic, eco-friendly lanyards, Specialist ID is the place to go. We are faster and more reliable resulting in a quick and efficient delivery time. We help you to create lanyards with a statement and unique design. Eco-friendly lanyards are also good for employees and make a great marketing feature. Contact a Specialist ID representative to learn about how you can get the best lanyards at remarkable prices. Call 1-800-380-6726 or contact us online today!

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