Plastic Ticket Holders for Sports Games and Music Festivals

This summer, no doubt you have a long list of exciting seasonal activities that you are looking forward to. The season of fun offers you great choices for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memory-making events. You may find it hard to choose which ones to put at the top of your summer-fun agenda. One thing is for sure, no matter if you are a jock at heart who lives for the thrill of competition and longs for victory, or if you are a secret shower Rockstar who lives for the beat and would be happy living in a minibus chasing your favorite bands around the country, your favorite events this season will have one thing in common, theyll probably require admission tickets.

The problem with admission tickets is that they are useless if they are wet, bent, torn, or lost. Another problem is that they can be super expensive, so you want to protect them at all costs to ensure that you are able to enjoy your event without any issues. One way that you can protect your tickets from damage, theft, or loss, while still keeping them easily accessible during the event is to use a plastic ticket holder.

Let's look at a few great options for ticket holders that are perfect for your music or sports events this summer.

This great holder is perfect for any sports event or music festival. This holder keeps your tickets easily accessible for scanning anytime that you need them as well as keeps them safe. The adjustable black nylon armband is comfortable to wear, even in high heat, and the large plastic pocket is crystal clear to make tickets easy to read and scan.

This is a great holder to choose if you already have one of our high-quality neck lanyards. The thick plastic pouch features a zipper top that will protect your tickets and gate passes from all types of damage. The clear material makes reading and scanning of the items inside effortless, and the multiple holes at the top make it easy to attach the pouch to any type of lanyard that you have.

This oversized holder is ideal for even large sized tickets and gate passes. The bright yellow color also makes it easy for you and your friends to find each other in large crowds should you get separated. This is a perfect event pass holder for all of your summer plans.With these plastic ticket holders, your valuable tickets will be better protected from theft, loss, smudging, water damage, tearing, wrinkling, bending, or more. Dont take the chance of your tickets will getting damaged and not being able to enjoy your event or save this incredible memento of your experience. As always most of our products are available with no minimum order so you can get as few or as many as you need. Call one of our representatives at 1-800-380-6726. You can also contact us online today!
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