PPE and Other Equipment for Health Care Workers

PPE and Other Equipment for Health Care Workers

On July 9, 2020, the World Health Organization issued new guidance on the topic of aerosol transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Prior to this guidance, WHO epidemiologists had mostly considered the potential for airborne infection within healthcare facilities that treated COVID-19 patients, but the new guidance is mindful of aerosol particles released at least once per minute for less than 10 seconds and containing at least one virion. The microscopic mass and extremely low molecular weight of these particles make them more likely to remain suspended in indoor spaces, thus making personal protection equipment such as face shields and masks more crucial than ever.

Personal Protective Equipment from Specialist ID

From now until the time when highly effective treatments and vaccines are available to deal with the novel coronavirus, one of the keys to resuming economic activity is to protect all participants. In healthcare facilities, this means providing them with an ample supply of masks and other PPE items. At Specialist ID, we have incorporated PPE products into our online catalog for the convenience of our healthcare clients who normally get identification badges and accessories from us. Here is a quick rundown of some PPE items we currently stock:

KN95 Face Masks

While the surgical N95 respirators trademarked by 3M are the masks that should be worn by personnel engaged in direct patient contact, non-medical personnel at clinics and hospitals can wear KN95 face masks providing civil grade protection. These masks can be purchased in packs of five, and they are ideal for custodians, security personnel, administrators, clerks, and food service staff.

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Face Protective Shields

The United States Centers for Disease Control recommends the use of face protective shields in combination with fabric face masks when medical-grade masks are not immediately available. Our face shields are manufactured in compliance with Food and Drug Administration regulations; they are made in the USA, and they are recommended for essential workers as well as airplane passengers. These shields will always work better when they are worn along with face masks.

Badge Buddies With Social Distancing Reminders

It may take a while before social distancing becomes second nature. Even though we have observed contagion mitigation protocols for months, it is too easy to slip when it comes to staying at least six feet away from others, particularly in sections of healthcare facilities where medical workers have to interact with members of the public other than patients. Our social distancing badge buddy displays a courteous and highly visible reminder that can be shown along with proper identification; it can be used with clipped badge holders, retractable reels, or lanyards.

Learn More About Masks and PPE

Should you have any questions about our PPE items or about how to place orders from Specialist ID, you can contact our office in South Florida for more information. Our clients include government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and small business owners across the United States. Keep an eye on our catalog as we may add more PPE products in the future.

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