PPE Every Government Official Needs This Fall

PPE Every Government Official Needs This Fall

When we think of PPE, visions of hazmat suits and N95 respirators may come to mind. But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the world, PPE has evolved to include all kinds of tools, from hand sanitizer to plexiglass windows, gloves to goggles. 

woman wearing protective face shield

For those not treating patients or on the frontline, but still working in high volume human contact industries, the risk of contracting the virus is still a real and present danger. The need to add additional PPE as restrictions loosen this fall has only increased. One group that will need to manage their health and safety even more come fall are government officials. 

Government officials, by definition, include any person employed by or acting on behalf of a government, government-controlled agency or entity or public international organization, any political party, party official or candidate. 

With elections just months away, that’s a whole lot of people that will be coming into contact with citizens. To protect their own health and safety, as well as everyone else’s, government officials should consider adding these PPE tools to their list of protective gear.

1. Mask Lanyard

Keeping masks handy can be tricky during a busy day negotiating polling data or preparing state reports. The mask lanyard solves this problem. The Adjustable Length Face Mask Lanyard - Handy & Convenient Safety Mask Holder & Hanger from SpecialistID wears like a traditional lanyard, but instead of a circle with an ID badge, it has hooks on each end to allow the wearer to attach a mask. 

Discreet and lightweight, the mask lanyard allows the wearer to never misplace their most important piece of PPE while avoiding placing a mask on a contaminated surface.

2. Mask Caddy

Sometimes the best inventions baffle with their simplicity and that’s the case with the mask caddy. The Mask Caddy™ Face Mask Hanger for Car Rear View Mirror or Closet Racks works the same way as a rear view mirror parking placard. 

mask caddy with facemark hanging off

With an insert at the top and parallel hook on the bottom, you can easily attach it to your car or in a closet rack or door handle. Then, simply hang your mask on it when you’re at home or in a safe space that doesn’t require PPE. The benefits of a mask caddy are many but top of them is the benefit of not laying your mask on your car dashboard or other dirty space. And, you can personalize the mask caddy as well.

3. No Touch Multi-Tool

Government officials often find themselves moving from meeting to meeting throughout the day, exiting and entering doors. That’s a lot of unnecessary contact with high-volume touch surfaces. The Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool allows people to open doors without touching the handles, and without wearing gloves. It can also be used for other contact-heavy transactions, for instance gas station keypads or grocery store check-outs. And as a bonus, it works on some touch screens as well.

4. Full Face Protective Shield

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend face shields as a substitute for face masks, it does encourage their use for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Government officials with these conditions may find that a face shield allows them to better communicate while providing protection from the spray of respiratory droplets. 

But not every face shield is equal. To meet CDC standards, a face shield must wrap around the sides of the wearer’s face and extend below the chin. SpecialistID’s full face protective shield meets all of the qualifications for healthcare professionals pursuant to Section 564(d)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

And if it’s good enough for those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight, it’s certainly up to the task for government officials. 

Ultimately, staying protected in the high-contact business of government means investing in PPE gear from reputable vendors who have done the research and met the qualifications of the country’s health and safety regulators. 

And that also means thinking beyond the typical means of staying healthy, like employing deep cleaning protocols and using hand sanitizer.

As the country begins to loosen restrictions and government officials are called upon to restart their busy schedules, complete with in-person meetings, events, and speeches, the need to be cautious will only grow. 

Fortunately, businesses like SpecialistID are here to help, offering government officials and beyond all the tools to make their important work as safe as possible. 

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