Protect Security ID Cards With Rigid Badge Holders

Security ID cards help support efforts within your organization to keep your people safe and secure at all times. A security ID system only works if the integrity of your cards is maintained and the cards themselves are in the hands of the right people. Rigid badge holders can help protect security ID cards to ensure that theyre not lost or damaged from use over time.

Rigid badge holders prevent everyday wear and tear by not allowing ID badges to fold and bend. They increase the longevity of an ID card and help them to retain their shape over long periods of time.

There are many types of rigid badge holders available on the market today. So deciding which one is right for your organization isnt always straightforward. Here are some of the rigid badge holders we recommend to our customers:

Clear Locking Badge Holder for Horizontal or Vertical ID

If you want to keep your security ID card locked inside the case, this clear badge holder is ideal. Approved by the United States General Services Administration, this holder can contain up to two standard credit card-sized badges and has a transparent display on both sides. It can be attached to a badge reel lanyard, or strap clip easily.

2 Card Badge Holder with Slide

This badge holder features 2 slides that allow you to remove your cards in the easiest way possible from the containers. If you find yourself constantly taking your security ID cards out of the case, this product is best for you. Its design will still keep your card secure and can be attached to lanyards or badge reels as well.

Rigid Shielded RFID Blocking 2-Card Holder

The new Card protectors prevent the information on your security ID card from being read until your ID is removed from the cardholder. For many United States government agencies and private entities, utilizing shielded badge holders with RFID is mandated in order to ensure the protection of sensitive information and the organizations property. For other organizations looking to further their security measures, this badge holder should be supplied to all proper personnel.

At Specialist ID, we sell durable rigid badge holders at prices that cant be beaten. With a wide array of ID badge holders available, you can choose exactly the type of holder you prefer. No matter the size of your order, Specialist ID can happily handle your request. With no minimum order quantity restrictions and customizable options, you can get what you need at wholesale prices. Clients of all types trust us for supporting their ID badge holder needs, including:

  • - The Federal Government
  • - Fortune 500 Companies
  • - Educational Institutions
  • - Individuals
  • - Churches
  • - Small Businesses

fast, inexpensive global shipping options available, you cant go wrong ordering rigid badge holders from Specialist ID! If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us today and use our online contact form.

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