Runners Wallet

I call this the runner's wallet item because of its flexibility to be worn around the arm, being hands-free and still equipped with your basic needs while on the run (literally). Also known as the Vertical Resealable Arm Band ID Badge Holder with Zipper Top, this ergonomically designed armband pouch allows for comfort and protection of your valuable essentials while on the go.

The outer zipper compartment is the ideal size to fit electronic devices and cases up to 6 inches, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3 (no case) or Galaxy S4/SIII with outer-box cases. You would have access to earphones from your cell phone or MP3 player in order to get in the zone with your favorite tunes. There are also 3 inner compartment sleeves to hold more private and personal necessities, such as a photo ID, cash, credit cards, hotel keys, business cards or other credentials.

Weather relating if you are out on a run, spending time at a theme park with the family or hiking up a mountain, you won't need to worry about the outdoor elements since the clear protective cover keeps moisture out. The vented arm strap allow for extended wear with the comfort with a slip-resistant foam padding. This is the ultimate all in one armband accessory for the outdoors type.

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