Safety First

Do you have your First Aid safety kit handy? Better yet, do your kids have a First Aid kit available to them for their everyday activities? Now might be the perfect time to prepare the kids for summer camp and summer activities with a portable, waterproof prepacked first aid kit to attach to their backpack or pack in their suitcase.

This small Witz translucent red waterproof first aid kit can easily be carried or worn around the neck with the safety breakaway lanyard attachment or it can be attached by carabiner to one's belt loop or backpack. This kit is prepacked with first aid items from small to large bandages, antiseptic wipes and more. This is ideal to have for camping, hiking, vacation, while at the beach or water park or just a basic essential to leave in the car in case of a minor emergency. Accidents do happen and it is better to be prepared and equipped with pain relief supplies.

We also have a couple of safety lanyards to consider wearing when you are on the go during the day or at night. The Safety First lanyard has a reflective material which increases visibility and the triple breakaway safety lanyard has three break points to reduce the risk of choking from the lanyard being snagged of caught on anything. These lanyards are great for displaying your photo ID or credentials, as well as carrying keys or small tools.

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