Safety First this Halloween

Halloween is almost here! Time to tap into your dark, silly, creative, haunting and humorous side and let your creativity and imagination flow. It's the one time a year that anything goes for costumes and usually it is a weather reminder that Autumn is really here (finally!). A great combo to get outside, show off some flashy and current themed costumes, eat candy and enjoy some social gatherings.

We hope that you will be safe this Halloween in all aspects of celebrating. Be cautious of what candy your children are receiving and eating, wear comfortable shoes for walking around the neighborhood trick or treating and be well lit with flashlights, glow sticks and reflective wear... such as our Safety First reflective lanyard!

A reflective lanyard increases your visibility while outdoors at night. Less is more so carry light. Your safety first lanyard can hold your house and car key, freeing up some bulk in the pockets.

Be safe and scary!
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