School ID Badges: How To Buy Them in Bulk From A Reputable Source

For most teachers and students, summer is just beginning, but for administrators, they have the responsibility of preparing for August, which really isnt that far away. Preparations for the new school year need to start as soon as the current school year ends. The earlier you can place orders for the necessary supplies needed like school ID badges, the better chance youll have of avoiding any backorders and quite possibly even running out of stock.

However, if Specialist ID is your ID badge holder supplier, then the only thing you need to worry about is placing your order in a timely manner so that your shipment will arrive before August, because we keep an unlimited supply of badge holders and accessories in constant stock at all times.

Safety First

For school ID badges, Specialist ID recommends flexible vinyl badge holders because theyre less likely to accidently scratch or act as an abrasion against the skin. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration for schools with dress codes requiring students to wear polo shirts, because bare arms are exposed. So, selecting a flexible vinyl badge holder will be much safer for school environments, especially for the younger grades where they tend to be more active.

Lets take a look at some of clear flexible vinyl badge holder options.

Clear Flexible Vinyl Proximity Card Holder

This is considered one of the most basic and affordable badge holders we stock. It can securely fit one standard credit card size ID card, which is equivalent to a photo ID card. Students will be able to easily slide their school ID card into this clear vinyl holder that will keep the ID securely in place. Its clear vinyl material makes it easy to see the badge with minimal glare. It also comes pre-punched with a slot hole to attach to a lanyard or badge reel. You can purchase this card holder in either a horizontal or vertical display.

Clear Vertical Vinyl ID Holder with a Zipper Top

This particular card holder offers similar features as the Clear Flexible Vinyl Proximity Card Holder, but it offers a couple of features. In addition to the pre-punched slot hole for lanyards and badge reels to clip on to, it has two tiny slot holes for chains to weave through, so this particular feature gives you another option for displaying an ID badge. It also comes with a red zipper top , locking the content into the badge holder keeping it free from dirt and tiny dust particles that could damage an ID badge over time.

Frosted-Back Flexible Vinyl Proximity Card Holder Horizontal or Vertical

This card holder offers one slot hole for badge reels and lanyards. It is also frosted on the backside to make it easier to display ID. Here, students will be forced to display their ID badges to face the visible side.

Specialist ID has plenty of ID badge holder solutions for schools all across the country for any occasion whether its a sporting event or everyday use. Contact a Specialist ID representative today for more information or call 1-800-380-6726. You can also ask us a question through our online form.

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