Security Armbands with an ID Badge Holder

Being able to clearly identify individuals and their roles within your organization can help play a significant role in increasing security measures. Safety and security are always of the utmost importance for all types of facilities, whether its a government building, sports arena, Fortune 500 company office, or small business shop. Security armbands with ID badge holders can enhance your teams abilities to distinguish individuals and their clearances to access certain areas on your premises. When looking for durable, well-made security armbands with an ID badge holder, look no further than Specialist ID.

    Our horizontal armband with strap is a popular, long utilized security armband at Specialist ID. Keep standard, credit card-sized identification cards protected, while clearly being displayed to onlookers. For individuals on the move, armbands can prove to be very advantageous for carrying ID cards. Keep Your ID visible without it interfering with your day-to-day tasks or movements. Benefits of this armband include:
    • Secure elastic armband that flexes with movement
    • The ability to fit around jackets
    • A smart construction that wont allow the band to slip off clothing
    • Adjustable, one size fits all design
    • White or navy color options
        Not all organizations utilize standard, credit card-sized IDs or badges. For larger security passes or IDs, the government-size armband ID badge holder is ideal. This armband is the preferred choice among individuals working in manufacturing facilities, airports, and government agencies. They work wonderfully for professionals who need to keep their IDs on hand and clearly visible, but clipped-on or hanging lanyards can present occupational hazards while working. Features and advantages of this government-size, security armband include:
        • The ability to hold cards up to 2.75 inches by 4 inches
        • The ability to keep ID near eye level for fast recognition among staff members
        • No metal makeup which ends the need to remove armbands at metal checkpoints
        • An easy to adjust, one size fits all design
        • Durable, breathable, flexible, and comfortable construction
          With the ability to block 13.56 MHZ R.F.I.D., the new Identity Stronghold Secure Armband Badge Holder can protect your access badges, IDs, and cards from unauthorized scanning with RFID chips. Stop individuals looking to commit identity fraud, acts of vandalism, corporate espionage, or theft in their tracks. These innovative security armbands come with a variety of additional noteworthy features, including:
          • FIPS 201 approval as an electromagnetically opaque sleeve
          • Ergonomic designs which allow ID holders to present ones card to readers without needing to remove the card or use two hands
          • Light, comfortable fitting on either arm sleeve
          • Weather-resistant construction

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