Don’t Get Pinched! How to Show Your Spirit At Work This St. Patrick's Day

Don’t Get Pinched! How to Show Your Spirit At Work This St. Patrick's Day

Whether you’re Irish or not, you might have joined in on the fun holiday that is St. Patrick’s Day in the past. The most popular saying is, “I don’t see any green on you,” followed by a pinch. Children and adults alike, we are all guilty of playing along. This holiday can be celebrated anywhere, with the simplest details to accompany the fun. We will show you ways to incorporate the color green into your office and avoid any unnecessary pinches this year.

 St. Patrick’s Day is associated with trickery because leprechauns, the small, mythical sprites, are known for causing mischief. Catching your staff by surprise and playing a game at the office would be a fun way to begin the day. We know everyone willingly wears green, but what if they weren’t given the option? 

 Picture this: Every staff member needs to rely on the office to provide something green, and you surprise employees by blindfolding each individual and having them choose something from a bowl. There are green and non-green items in the bowl, such as vertical badge buddies or breakaway lanyards. No one will guess what’s coming their way!






However, not everyone wants a child-like approach to this holiday; perhaps you want to provide something functional and green for the office without the games—that's fine too. We offer a 25 pack of mask lanyards that can be all chosen in the color green. While the mask mandate may be ending sooner than expected, perhaps some of you are not ready to go back to normal again. These mask lanyards let you have a controlled grip on your mask, not constantly having to search around, especially during your daily busy work environment. With various items so far, your team will have options to choose from.






While the color green is the primary color associated with St. Patrick's day, it may be your favorite color out of the rainbow palette chart, or maybe it just reminds you of the way dewdrops glisten on the grass on a foggy Spring morning. The point is you can benefit from a standard lanyard. Coming in two different shades of green—bright green or forest green—the option is yours. Get your money’s worth from this item, not only on this festive day but also on any other day after the festivities have come to an end.






You will be well equipped to bring a memorable day with practical/work-related objects that benefit you and your staff members. Visit Specialist ID for these new St. Patrick’s Day work needs.

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