Specialist ID Products Designed for Military Members


For active military members, proper identification (ID) is key, and not just any standard badge holder will do. Most badge holders will serve the general purpose of securely keeping your (ID) in place and being easily accessible. While any of the badge holders and accessories that Specialist ID offers will do a sufficient job, there are more heavy-duty selections for military personnel.

About Specialist ID

SpecialistID is a badge holder and accessory distributor located in Miami, Florida offering the products you need for your ID badges at an affordable price. You also have the advantage of getting a discount when ordering in bulk.

Whether you choose to order in bulk or just one item at a time, Specialist ID has the badge holders and accessories you need for whichever branch of the military you serve.

Here are 3 badge holders that Specialist ID recommends for military members:

1.T-ReignLarge Heavy Duty Retractable Locking Gear Tether with Attachment Loop (0TRG-43X)

This retractable badge reel is made of rust, weather, and impact-resistant hardware that's concealed in a polycarbonate case, making it a formidable badge holder for outdoor use. The T-Reign has a 48 Kevlar cord that has a 10 oz. retraction force. It also has a locking mechanism that allows you to control the retraction length. This badge reel also has a safety breakaway feature that will disconnect at approximately 25 lbs. of force.

2. RaineMilitary ID Badge Armband Holder (P/N 025JA)

This decorative ID armband badge holder is the perfect hands-free tool to securely hold your ID as well as a couple of other small documents. The P/N 025JA is designed with two elastic straps that can wrap around your arm and possibly even your ankle. It has a clear vinyl opening to keep your ID visible and comes in five different earth-tone colors that complement all military branches: Black, Forest Green, Multi-Cam, and Tan. The strong Velcro closure stores and keeps all of your items safe from dirt and scratches.

To get a better idea about how the Raine Military ID Badge Armband holder works, view Specialist IDs video presentation here.

3. Military Lanyards, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Vietnam Veterans

Specialist ID also stocks pre-made lanyards that are decoratively made for all four branches of the military, and also for Vietnam Veterans that are printed on the front and the back. These officially licensed US Military lanyards also have the breakaway feature. While the resistance isn't as strong as the T-Reign retractable reel, you'll still be able to attach your ID, keys, USB, and ID badge holders to it with the lobster-claw.

All of Specialist IDs items can be shipped within a 24-hour period. With most wholesale distributors, you're required to purchase a minimum bulk amount. While we offer a discounted rate for bulk orders, we also fulfill small orders as well. So whether you need to supply an entire department or just one military personnel, simply visit our website and order exactly which type of badge holder you want, how many, online and you can get your shipment within 2-6 business days.

If you have questions about any other badge holders and IDs that we carry, call us toll-free at 1-800-380-6726.

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