Sun Care Kit

Summer time is here again and it is HOT outside! Whether you are spending your summer days on vacation, at the beach, in your pool, or your kids are heading to summer camp or a family outing to a waterpark, you are being exposed to the suns rays and should take some precautions.

Your skin is your largest organ and therefore most vulnerable throughout the day. We hear it over and over again how damaging the sun can be to our skin and the dangers of prolonged exposure.

Reducing the amount of time you spend in the sun might be your best option, but since we don't like limits on having fun in the sun, there's always sunshade tents to bring along as well as a sunscreen protection. We have a WITZ Sun Care Kit to help get you started. The case alone is waterproof and useful for carrying your beach accessories, such as lip balm, sunscreen, ID and cash. Easily worn around your neck from the attached lanyard or easy to attach to a backpack strap or belt with the attached carabiner. The kit comes with a Pro Sport SPF 30 sunscreen 1 oz. tube, Aloe ice sunburn jelly and lip balm SPF 30. Great way to keep your kids supplied with some sun essentials as they head off to summer camp. Happy and safe summer to all!

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