The #1 Question to Ask Before Purchasing Heavy-Duty Badge Reels

Just because something is titled Heavy-Duty doesn't necessarily mean that it is. Don't get us wrong, the heavy-duty badge reels that Specialist ID offers gets the job done, but if you're looking to carry an exceptional amount of weight, then you might quickly discover that the heavy-duty brand that you're looking for may not be the right kind you need.

So the #1 question you need to ask yourself is this: How much weight do I plan to carry on my badge reel?

About Specialist IDs Heavy Duty Badge Reels

The heavy-duty badge reels that Specialist ID, a wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor carries are built a little better than your standard badge reels. The pull rating for the Black Chrome Heavy Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip (2120-3300) is 10,000 with a 6 oz. retraction force that's equivalent to 5 keys. The length of the pull cord measures at 24. So if what you need to carry is under 6 ozs.,then this might be the heavy-duty badge reel for you.

View a video demonstration of how the Black Chrome Heavy Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip works here.

Moving On

Specialist ID has another heavy-duty badge reel option. The Heavy Duty Badge Reel with Chain and Belt Clip (P/N2120-3375) offer a little more durability with a chained reel instead of the standard nylon cord. The retractable chain extends up to 16, but like the 2120-3300 cord, you can expect to get at least 10,000 pulls. Because of the chain cord, you can also carry a little more weight to this reel, but here again, if your looking to carry even more than that, then we recommend that you browse our Key-Bak line of badge reels.

Key-Bak Badge Reels

The Key-Bak line of badge reels doesn't actually say that they're heavy-duty, but they are. Some of the Key-Bak badge reels can hold up to 15 oz. in weight. That's equivalent to 22 keys!

We could talk about Key-Bak badge reels that look similar to the 2120-3300 and the P/N 2120-3375 model, but we think that you'll be more interested in what makes this particular line of reels so sturdy. The retractable cord is not nylon or chained. Its actually made of Kevlar, the same material that extreme sportsman use for rock climbing. With the Key-Bak line, your keys aren't going anywhere!You can even clip on small tools to these reels.

Key-Baks Unique Reel

One of the unique Key-Bak badge reels that many purchasers may not know about is the Key-Bak #1BPN Nylon Key Silencer Heavy Duty Retractor. This reel has a 36 Kevlar cord with 13-15 oz. of retraction force. It also comes with a nylon silencer to keep the keys from making noise as you walk. This item is built with a belt loop that can fit wide belts.

To learn more about all of Specialist IDs heavy-duty badge reels, contact us today toll-free at 1-800-380-6726 or place your order online with us today.

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