Things to know when Purchasing ID Supplies for your Workforce

When your company reaches a certain number of employees, it might be time to supply them with identification (ID) badges. Almost any human resource department would recommend this. There are too many liabilities involved in employing a great number of workers. Supplying each employee with an ID badge is the first step to keeping track of your workers.

The truth is, most companies don't know that there's an entire market of ID options. That is why Specialist ID, a Miami-based company specializing in ID badges and accessories, has created a list of badge options to select from. While we have a vast array of identification options, this list will at least provide you with enough information to get a general idea of how you can better protect your company with the proper kind of ID badge that best suits the needs of your company.

Types of Badges Available

Specialist ID offers authentic badges for military law enforcement. With these ID badges, any organization involved in legal law enforcement can equip their officers with an official badge of authenticity. Here are the three types of badges available in this category:

Security Officer Badge Size: L - 3 1/8 x W - 2, made of zinc alloy and is available in silver or gold. ConcealedWeapon Permit Badge Size: L - 3 1/8 x W - 2, made of zinc alloy and is also available in silver or gold. BostonLeather ID Badge and Metal Shield Holder with Neck Chain Size: 31/4" x 4 ." The badge is sewn in a protective clear vinyl holder that is attached to a steel chain. Also known as the West Coast Badge style.

Other Identification Options

In addition to the popular Badge Buddie and the law enforcement IDs, there is a myriad of ID options that companies should be aware of when purchasing ID tags for their employees. Here is a shortlist of other tags and ID accessories you may not have realized were available to you:

Visitor Control Self-Expiring Badges

Card Readers

Card Printing Accessories

Slot Punches

Digital Signature Pads

Camera Accessories

Various Badge Holders

Radio Frequency Identification

Luggage Tags

Specialist ID: The Best in Badge Holders

Specialist ID has over 18 different color options for you to select from. While we're located in South Florida, you can order your customizable badges online. Although there is no minimum order for pre-printed badges and accessories, custom designs require at least a 10-unit order.

If you're ready to supply your employees with attractive IDbadges, place your custom order with us today or call our customer service center at 1-800-380-6726 and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us online right now!


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