Tips for Buying in Bulk: Badge Buddies

The medical field is an ever-growing industry. Particularly in hospitals, it is common for personnel to get promoted within. Whether it is in the same department or another, that employee will most likely need a new Badge Buddy.

BadgeBuddies are a form of identification (ID) for medical workers to wear. The Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 of 2010 requires that all medical personnel who are working directly with patients need to be identified with certain elements that a Badge Buddy ID can help with.

It oftentimes doesn't matter if one's position is directly related to caring for patients or not. For the sake of uniformity, some medical facilities will apply this rule not only to doctors and nurses, but all positions including administrative, maintenance, and anyone else employed in the industry.

Where to Get the BestPrice on Badge Buddies

Specialist ID, a leading provider of identification accessories in South Florida offers hospital administrators the convenience of stocking their Badge Buddies at a discount rate directly online! You can order your pre-printed Badge Buddies starting at $2.68 per unit.

While there is no minimum order, as a purchaser, it's in your best interest to get the best price possible. When you're ordering BadgeBuddies from Specialist ID, you have the option of buying in bulk. Depending on the number of units you order, the overall cost will go down. So essentially, the more Badge Buddies you buy, the more money you'll be saving overall.

The Option of Buying Bulk

You can pay as low as $1.77 per unit depending on the number of Badge Buddies you purchase. Buying in bulk may cost a significant amount of money upfront, but it doesn't compare to what you could pay if you bought the same amount of Badge Buddies at the starting price of $2.68.

More About BadgeBuddies

Even without the Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 of 2010, BadgeBuddies still provide the useful purpose of role identification to properly identify one another. This is especially useful for doctors and practitioners to have this type of identification should their assistance be needed anywhere within and about the facility.

Badge Buddies are available in horizontal and vertical sizes in a wide selection of colors that come pre-printed with titles like these:



Registered Nurse


Certified Nursing Assistant

<pNurse Practitioner

Nurse Anesthetist

Physical Therapist


Occupational Therapist



Home Health Aide



ER Tech



Nurse Midwife

Student Nurse

Respiratory Care Practitioner





Custom Printed BadgeBuddies

If you didn't see the type of ID you were looking for, don't worry! Specialist ID will create one for you to say anything you want, or if you prefer, you can design a custom label yourself right on our website! While the pre-printed Badge Buddies can be shipped out at a moments notice, custom Badge Buddies require a 6 10 day production lead before shipping.

With Specialist ID, there is no minimum order, but if you have any questions about Badge Buddies and what your savings would be if you purchased them in bulk, contact the knowledgeable customer service team at Specialist ID online or call us directly at 1-800-380-6726 today.

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