Top 3 Nursing Badge Buddy Labels

By law, every registered nurse working in the United States needs to be properly identified with a picture identification badge and a BadgeBuddy that's boldly labeled with their role.

Of course, you can purchase a pre-printed Badge Buddy that labeled Registered Nurse and that would be that. But some facilities are particular and prefer other titles. That is perfectly fine. That's why specialist ID, an online wholesale badge holder and accessory distributor based in the South Florida area, has provided healthcare purchasers with a list of pre-printed badge Buddies for nurses.

What These Nurse Badges Have in Common

What all of these BadgeBuddies have in common is their size. The vertical badge measures at2-1/8" x 4-1/2" and the horizontal option is 3-3/32" x3-3/8". They all come with a pre-made slot hole to accommodate lanyards and badge reels. So you don't have to have your own arts and crafts class and risk cutting yourself trying to lodge a hole in the badge. These Badge Buddies are ready to go! The print on these Badge Buddies is boldly legible and easy to see at a distance.

All of the Badge Buddies offered by Specialist ID already come at a competitive price, and no minimum purchase is required. So whether you choose to buy one Badge Buddy or 100, the choice is entirely up to you. However, it is always good to know should you choose to order in bulk, the unit price will reduce. Determining exactly how much depends on the quantity ordered.

So here is the list of badges that healthcare facilities have to choose from for their nurses:

RN The RN Badge Buddy comes in 3 different colors: blue, red, and green. Its made available in either a horizontal or vertical display. All of the print is in white bold font. These badges start off at $2.18 a unit.

Registered Nurse This Badge Buddy is available in only one color: blue. The words registered Nurse is fully printed on the badge which means that the size of the font is a little smaller in order to accommodate for the wording. This option is also available in the vertical and horizontal layout. These badges start off at $2.68 a unit.

Nurse Practitioner If you prefer the term Nurse Practitioner, we have that for you as well. Again, you can purchase these badges in the vertical or horizontal format and like the Registered Nurse wording, the lettering is going to be slightly smaller. You can get these Badge Buddies in black, blue, or orange. All of the font letters will remain white. Depending on which BadgeBuddy you select, the unit price can start off from $2.18 to $2.68.

This is the general idea in regard to the specification of the type of Nurse Badge Buddies you can choose from. Specialist ID has many more pre-printed roles to choose from. Here are the other selections:

  • CNA
  • LPN
  • EN
  • CRNA
  • Coordinator
  • LVN

If you don't like any of the pre-printed Badge Buddy options we have to offer, then you can always make your own. With Specialist ID, you have the option to customize your own label. Just contact one of our representatives today online or call us at 1-800-380-6726.

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