Top 5 Company ID Holders Based On Customer Reviews

Customers love this selection of company ID holders for the following reasons:

  • Theyre comfortable
  • They are convenient
  • They work for heavy-duty environments
  • They have functions that let them meet specific use cases

Company ID holders tend to be an item people need to order in large quantities. That means a part of these reviews will deal with:

  • Stellar customer experiences
  • Affordable prices on bulk orders
  • Easy B2B process throughout

Lets explore the badges that meet all these requirements, and why reviewers loved them.

This break-away ID holder badge reel combination has earned rave reviews from companies that require employees to display ID at all times. The pull out function is particularly useful when the ID is used to scan or swipe at different points in the facility.

These horizontal arm ID badge holders are ideal for situations and workplaces that may require full body coverings, like HAZMAT workers or SWAT teams. However, even more, common industrial environments that require jumpsuits and face protection appreciate having constant ID displayed on their job sites.

These arm badge holders got great reviews because they are comfortable, secure, and weather and harsh environment resistant.

Teams that need to work outside at night love these bright orange, glow in the dark arm band holders. Companies who need armbands for airport ramp jobs, warehouse work, traffic and roadwork, and related feels tend to review this ID holder very well. They are ideal for security teams of all kinds and are tight and secure enough to never fall into machinery or get snagged while remaining comfortable at the same time.

Medical teams love these Licensed Vocational Nurse badge holders. Their reviews and unpublished comments often remark on how convenient it is to display these badges for immediate recognition no matter how chaotic the hospital environment may be. They also comment on how durable it is, which makes sense given it is made out of sturdy, fully laminated teslin, which makes it an industry leader in strength.

Reviewers love the wide range of color options on these breakaway lanyards with bulldog clips. The choices let them find a comfortable secure lanyard for any brand color theme. They can also denote different jobs or departments by the color of their lanyard. These ID holders are available in black, blue, dark blue, green and pink.

Specialist ID has helped companies and teams of all kinds find the perfect ID display system for their needs. We pay attention to customer reviews, and we would be happy to help you choose the perfect option. Contact us online or call us at 1-800-380-6726 to learn more.

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