Top 5 Reasons Vinyl Badge Holders Are Brilliant

Oh vinyl,

You are so soft and flexible.

You are the third most widely produced plastic in the world.

You came bursting onto the scene, accidentally, in 1835.

Yet just as soon as you arrived, copper, iron, rubber and wood, all together became behind-the-times.

Oh vinyl,

You colorblind, revolutionary,

This ones for you.

Thank you all, for reading my poem about vinyl, but no need for applause just yet! Im here to tell you the top 5 reasons vinyl ID badge holders are brilliant.

If youre still reading this, youre probably thinking about getting a vinyl ID badge for you or your staff. Or you love poetry. Either way, join me below to learn why vinyl badge holders are an amazing resource for anyone carrying an ID.


Over the holidays, I got away from pounding words on my computer and spent some time in our warehouse packaging new orders. All the hands on experience taught me how, in so many ways, vinyl had become the skin and bones of the ID badge industry.

I noticed how rare it was to find a lanyard, badge holder, or badge reel void of this precious plastic material, but I never really explored why. What were the fundamental properties that made vinyl such a successful feature? From the manufacturers to the customers, I put myself in both of their shoes to gain a better understanding of why so many had chosen a vinyl ID badge.

First things first, vinyl weighs practically nothing. Id say some of the vinyl strap clips are roughly the same weight as a butterfly. Seriously, anyone in the world can easily wear a vinyl badge holder everyday, without ever getting bogged down or feeling the weight of the world resting on their shoulders.

Although Ive always known that vinyl was a flexible material, I somehow overlooked how well its able to retain its shape. Its a flexible and malleable material that you can twist, shake, rattle and roll, yet it wont lose its shape. They can also be punctured with slot hole and chain holes to attach to a lanyard, badge reel, neck chain, arm badge holder, wallet slip, and many other means of attachment. They can be adjusted to fit any purpose.

Think about it this for a second, from a manufacturer and consumers perspective. If you have access to a material that can be easily designed, with mathematical precision, to fit perfectly around an ID card, and then can bend and pull this material in any direction, yet it still retains its shape, thats a good thing.

But it doesnt end there.

Not only are vinyl ID badge holders lightweight, flexible and adaptable, but one of the most important reasons they are so popular is because they are practically invisible. With a clear see-through vinyl badge holder, you can store your ID inside, while still clearly displaying the full spectrum of colors, text, and information on your ID cards.

What good would an ID holder be if you couldnt read what they ID said anyway? With vinyl, you dont need to remove your card from your ID badge holder to display the information to an electronic card reader or security guard. This ecomes an incredibly useful feature for people working in hospitals and security, where avoiding confusion is one of the most important prerogatives.

Vinyl also helps protect it from from dirt, grime, and other potentially hazardous materials that can diminish the longevity of an ID. Simply take a wet cloth and wipe the vinyl and its going to look good as new. They dont scratch very easily either, and protect the card from the wear and tear that comes from an unprotected ID badge. These were built to perform and last, yet they arent breaking wallets either.

As a matter of fact, most wallets even carry them.

So lets review at what weve covered before I set you all free! The top five reasons vinyl ID badge holders are brilliant are:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Flexible
  3. Adaptable
  4. Visibile
  5. Protects

For these reasons, vinyl ID badge holders have become the premier choice and the industry standard in the world of ID badge accessories. If you have any questions or comments about this article please leave a comment below because we look forward to hearing from you!

Also, check out our video below of Patrick using two of our Vinyl ID Badge Holders to see it in action.

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