Types of Police Badge Holders That Are Made to Last

Types of PoliceBadge Holders That Are Made to Last

Law enforcement often finds themselves in situations thatcould be hazardous or even deadly, but police, fire, and other securityenforcement all need to store their credentials in holders that wont wear andtear and that is made to last. Specialist ID offers an array of high-qualityBoston leather badge holders, all made in the USA. Whether you prefer to wearyour badge on a neck chain or a swivel, Specialist ID has an option for you.

Leather ShieldBadge Holder with Neck Chain

The Boston Leather Police Shield Badge Holder with NeckChain (5840C)is ideal for law enforcement or anyone who carries a metal badge requiringpin-in holes. This badge is shaped to fit oval-sized badges and is designed todisplay a metal badge around the neck with the attached steel chain. Dimensionsare 4 3/8" x 3 1/8". There is no minimum quantity to order and holdsone law enforcement badge.

ID Badge and Metal Shield Holder with Neck Chain

Need to show more than one credential? The Boston LeatherID Badge and Metal Shield Holder with Neck Chain (5845)allows for one metal badge with pin-in holes to display on one side anda sewn in protected clear vinyl pocket to show a photo ID on the other. This isideal for law enforcement or anyone who carries a metal badge requiring pin-inholes and includes the neck chain.Dimensionsare 3 1/4" x 4 . There is no minimum quantity to order.

Swivel Clip Badge Holder

Are you looking for a clip rather than a neck chain? The BostonLeather Oval Swivel Clip on Badge Holder (5888)is ideal for anyone who carries ashield-shaped oval badge; it has a hook and loop closure and a steel springclip to attach to belt, as well as a full swivel motion to allow for easy badgeplacement. No minimum quantity to order and holds one law enforcement badge.

Two ID BadgeHolder with Neck Chain

If you need an ID badge that displays two credentials,Specialist ID has two options for you. The Boston Leather Two ID Badge Holderwith Neck Chain (5982)carries two ID badges vertically to display oneither side through a PETG window. Attached to a neck chain to wear around yourneck, the dimensions of this badge holder are 3 1/4" x 4 1/2".

If youd prefer ahorizontal badge holder with a neck chain, the (5984)is perfect for you. The outer dimensions are 4 1/4" W x 3" L, and theinner dimensions are 3 3/8" W x 2 2/8" L, both include the neck chainwith no minimum order.

Your order ofpolice badgeholders will be processed in 24 hours with a typical delivery time of2-6 days. Place your order online now or call 1-800-380-6726 to speak to arepresentative. You can also contact us online!

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