University Customized Badge Reels

The student ID card has more power now than ever before on the college campus. Theyre no longer being used solely to provide a photograph and name. These days theyre packed with data that allow both students and staff to buy food, rent books, use printers, and access many other parts of campus life with a single swipe of a card.

Thats why university customized badge reels are on the rise all across America. You can design a great ID badge holder for your college with your university logo and colors imprinted upon them. Theyll even come with a belt clip that grips firmly onto your belt in safe spot that wont get in your way.

Creating custom college badge reels has never been easier. Just click on this page to create and order your custom printed college retractable reels with a standard belt clip, part number C-2120-303X.

Students and staff can all benefit from having a handy retractable reel to carry their college IDs, but they can also use them to carry their dorm and car keys. Between increasing student convenience and school pride, its hard to find a reason why any university wouldnt want to invest in customized college retractable ID badge holders.

Some of the main benefits:

  • Quick access college ID, keys, or other small handy school items
  • Students and staff to show their school pride
  • Make campus life easier
  • Easy to make and delivered to your doorstep

Our badge reels have an industry standard sized reel diameter of 1-1/4″ in circumference for easy portability and a non intrusive feel. Its 34″ nylon cord gives enough room for easy reach towards items within arms length for most people. After the reel is discharged, it will retract on its own accord and reel your items back to its place on your belt.

Specialist IDs custom retractable reels come with a belt clip on the back that so you can slide your badge holder over your belt. Belt clip attachments offer quick and easy access to your items that end up saving you a lot of time as your shuffling around campus. The clear vinyl strap attached is wonderful for carrying keys, ID badge holders, slot punched school IDs and other handy small items. Our custom badge reels rated for 100,000 pulls and last a very long time.

All we would need from you is your university or college logo or text in any print thats ready for a graphic formatting. Our ID badge specialists can have them designed to your liking in a full color custom dome label for a very professional look. After your satisfied with your custom badge reel, well have your ID badges made, printed, and shipped to your doorstep in just a few business days as soon as the customer signs the digital proof.

Just so you know, we can also make you custom printed college lanyards and we even have NCAA Lanyards as well. If you have any questions or comments about our custom college retractable reels or this article, please leave us a message below and well get back to you in no time.
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