Uses for Plastic Beaded Chains

There are so many uses for plastic beaded chains. The ones that we carry at Specialist ID, a wholesale ID badge and distributing company based in South Florida stocks a variety of different colors. As a badge ID holder distributor, many of the orders for our plastic beaded neck chains are for holding an ID badge. They are oftentimes more preferred over lanyards because the cylinder beads tend to be a bit more soft on the skin for some. The plastic beaded chains are easier to clean than lanyards too. Just a quick rinse under lukewarm water will wash away any residual dirt and grime.

The length of these chains is long enough to fit around anyone's neck measuring about 38 long. The bead size is 2.5 mm. It's not too bulky and it will fit comfortably. With color selections in black, royal blue, white, and clear, they're also stylish if paired with the right kind of ID badge holder. These chains will easily weave through any of our pre-punched badge holders or badge clips.

Each of our beaded neck chains has a nickel-plated steel connector. Unlike the beaded neck chains that are 100% nickel-plated steel, Specialist IDs plastic beaded chains are a bit more lightweight. It won't get too hot if it's exposed to the sun or too frigid in over-air-conditioned rooms.

The great thing about these beaded plastic chains is that you can adjust them to a smaller circumference if so desired. This can be done two ways: permanently and temporarily.

To do it temporarily, select the bead that will give you the reduced circumference that you're looking for, and then insert that bead into the connector. This will allow for the excess beads to hang. You also have the option of re-adjusting the length back to its original 38 lengths.

If you're looking for a more permanent solution, then all you need to do is cut it down to the length you need with some scissors or shears. However, its worth noting that there is no turning back with this method! Once you physically cut down on the size of your plastic beads, that's it! The only solution to getting more length is to add another nickel-plated connector, or just buy another one. At wholesale prices starting at only 41 cents, it might just be cheaper to get another one!

As aforementioned, there are other creative uses for plastic beaded chains. Creative uses for them include light switches, necklaces, key chains, bracelets, arts and craft projects and more!

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Keep in mind that the more units you purchase, the more of savings you're likely to gain through our wholesale prices. Unlike other wholesale distributors, Specialist ID does not require a minimum order. Call us today to place your order at 800-380-6726, or contact us online!






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