Visitor Sign In Log Sign-In Logs are one part of the vast array of visitor management products available. We are constantly reminded of the importance of identification in our daily lives. We realize that without identification we all become strangers. Proper identification is more than just a card or a sticker with your name it. It is also an indication of who you are in relation to your surroundings. To be misidentified or even worse, unidentified, can cause unmerited levels of caution or confusion that may be avoided if the relevance of your presence is made known through your identification. This is especially true with visitors. For the reason, a large array of products have been designed around securing and identifying visitors in large corporate and government buildings including schools.

Imagine you are an employee at your place of business or faculty/staff/student at a school. You have been going to your school/job for quite some time now so youve grown to know the faces of all those belonging. Lets then say there is a stranger roaming around that you have never seen and there is nothing attached to the stranger indicating who he/she could possibly be. Your first reaction is likely to caution; rightfully so.

The use of proper identification allows for the smooth flow of interaction and offers placement. It is for the safety and ease of all parties involved. In many cases, identification goes far beyond safety and lends itself to help. Identifying visitors is a great way of keeping track of whereabouts just in case the visitor happens to get lost, turned around or confused. To know that there is a properly identified newcomer in your establishment gives you the incentive to offer what may be a much-needed help.

There are several ways to identify visitors by using a sticker, tags, labels, etc. A great companion for these stickers, tags, and labels is the visitor sign-in log. The visitor sign-in log is a direct companion for labels as the logs reflect an adequate record of who has been issued visitor labels. Specialist ID offers a visitor log book available for your convenience. Perhaps you would be most interested in the multi-purpose visitor log book sign-in sheet. This sign in sheet is simple and hassle-free as it creates an adequate space to log the comings and goings of visitors at your facility. These books house space to log up to 1000 visitors so depending on the ongoing traffic at your facility this may suffice. Visitors simply sign in when arriving and sign out with departing and the record stands. Most facilities assure that the log is signed in and out with the issuing and returning of the visitors pass. This method cuts down confusion and offers a seamless system.

If you notice that you have a heavier visitor traffic you may have more interest in the visitor log sheet archive binder. This binder is oversized with 3 rings that allow you to easily organize your sign-in sheets. This 3 ring binder is equipped to store several sign-in sheets so that you may keep records together in one place. Multiple binders may be used to further organize according to departments, time periods, etc.

Visitor Sign-In Sheets are a simple to implement part of your overall visitor management solution. We also offer computerized systems, special software, and even specially designed self-expiring visitor badges, great for securing your hallways from people who either dont belong or may have over-stayed their welcome.

If you have any questions about securing your school, hospital, corporate or any other lobby where you need to have a record of who is in and out of your building, please dont hesitate to contact us online or by phone at 1-800-380-3726 so we can help you regain control of your visitor management system.

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