Waterproof Cases: The Ideal Giveaway for a Summer Convention


Giving out branded logos and key chains used to be a pretty cool thing to do during a convention because they're colorful, and well, lets be honest, we like to see our company name on stuff! Its just cool!

But once we get past the self-absorption of ordering pens, key chains, and mini flashlights with our company name on it, the reality is that not many people are paying attention to that logo. They're not paying attention to the logo because they're not holding tight to the actual commodity. Most people have already committed to a keychain. Pens come and go and the mini flashlights? Sure, they're cool, but that branded flashlight is going to go where every other flashlight goes in the drawer until its needed, and when its needed, no one can see your logo because its dark!

Waterproof Lanyard Cases for Summer

The point is, if you're going to invest in a cool give-a-way, why not try getting something that people will actually use and hold tight to?

First of all this is going to take a bit of research because you want to make sure that what you're giving away doesn't break your budget, but it should be something of quality and in season. Specialist ID is here to help you out with a suggestion. Since summer is still in full throttle, we suggest offering waterproof ID cases.

Now, you wouldn't be able to brand these with your company logo, but what you could do is insert your business card in each waterproof ID case.

Specialist ID has a variety of styles of waterproof ID cases, but well focus on one of our standards the Multi-Card Clear Rigid Water Resistant Holder.

This particular type of waterproof cardholder can hold up to 7 standard credit card ID badges. Along with an ID badge, many people prefer to store their key or cash as well. Its rigid enough to protect your belongings and comes with an adjustable lanyard.

If you're really trying to attract patrons at summer conventions, then up the ante with our Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder that comes in a selection of eight vibrant colors. Imagine having a basket full of these colorful badge holders with your business card tucked away in every one. If nothing else, people will come to your table to see exactly what its all about, and if they happen to learn a little about your business, its a win-win situation!

The point here is that during the warm and humid summer months, more people will be cooling or sunning themselves by the pool, beach, or water parks. And all of them could use something to keep their cash, ID, small jewelry and other small items dry.

See for yourself all of the beautiful colors of waterproof cases you can use for your next convention:

All of these products can be ordered online in bulk or one at a time. Call and speak to a Specialist ID representative today at 1-800-380-6726, or contact us online.

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