Ways Fuel Card Holders Assist Vehicle Fleets

As more companies are doing away with issuing petty cash for gas to keep their fleet of vehicles fueled up, the issue of how to distribute these fuel cardholders comes into play.

Providing fuel Cardholders for a fleet of vehicles will be a different process for each business. However, one thing is certain: these fuel cards may often exchange hands of many drivers. So, you want to make sure that throughout all of these exchanges, the fuel card remains in good tact. When it comes to maintaining the integrity of a fuel card, it is important to keep the print legible.

Most fuel cards provide security and control more than corporate credit cards. These fuel card accounts are typically specific to a certain region or merchant. In most cases, every time the fuel card is used, the merchant will need to verify this. That's why it's important to get the best badge holder to protect your fuel cards. Specialist ID, a wholesale distributor of ID badges and accessories carries a selection fuel cardholders that are guaranteed to meet the needs of your fleet of vehicles:

ClearFuel Card Holder for Visor with Elastic Band

All of the fuel cardholders that Specialist ID carries have clear vinyl so that it can be visible, but the Clear Fuel Card Holder for Visor with Elastic Band gives you color options. These color choices can help you better organize your fleet of vehicles, or you can simply select a color just for personal preferences. This particular type of fuel cardholder helps when you want to assign one fuel card to a certain vehicle. The cardholder stays slightly snug to any size visor.

Colors: black, green, navy blue, red, royal blue, and white

Fits up to three standard size fuel or identification cards

Price: Ranges from $2.01 - $3.05, depending on the quantity ordered

No minimum order

Rigid Fuel CardHolder with Key Ring

The Rigid Fuel Card Holder with Key Ring is durable enough to keep your card from bending or creasing, rending the reader chip in your card inoperable. This is most beneficial if you choose to attach your fuel card to a set of keys. The rigid vinyl protection will protect your card from getting scratched and dinged up from the other keys on the keychain.

Fits one standard size fuel or identification card

Price: Ranges from $.92 - $1.39, depending on the quantity ordered.

No minimum order

Watch a video for more information about fuel cardholders here.

To see the full list of Specialist ID fuel cardholders, visit the official website here.

Finding the Best Fuel CardholderDistributor

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