Ways ID Card Holders Benefit Businesses

When it comes to managing a business, people are the most important priority next to the product or service itself. Theoretically, one cannot operate independently from the other. That's why you need to give as much care and attention to your employees as your product and/or services. So how do you do that without busting the budget?

Its quite simple, really. Assign your employees with visible identification (ID) cards. Yet, what good is an employee ID card if its never seen? That's where supplying them with the proper ID card holder comes in. Purchasing the right card ID holder is the perfect opportunity to make a big impact on your business at a small expense.

Here are 4 easy ways Specialist ID believes ID card holders will benefit your business:

1. Provide Visible Identification

Specialist ID stocks a variety of ID card holders that can add an extra style of flair to your company culture, or if you prefer something a bit more reserved and subtle, we carry that too!

For Flair

Lanyards and badge reels are the perfect way to add a bit of flair to an ID card. Choose from an assortment of bright, vivid colors some which are available in neon colors as well. If you choose to, you can customize your badge reel or lanyard right on our website and have your order sent out to you within 10 working days.


If you prefer not to have a loud ID card holder, we also have vinyl strap clips. They come in a wide assortment of colors black and clear being a couple of them. The vinyl strap can slip around any slot holder and snap securely in place keeping the cardholder tightly attached to whatever your employees wish to clamp the nickel-plated clip onto.

2. Increases Security

You'll have a better hold on security when you're able to identify who's coming and going. With an ID cardholder, it will be far easier to properly identify whether someone is an employee or visitor. It also reduces the chance of permitting any unauthorized patrons into your building.

3. Brand Recognition

Never underestimate the power of advertising! If you choose to supply your employees with branded ID cardholders, then you should know that these small commodities serve as great little walking billboards. Wherever your employees go, your brand will follow.Should one of your employees take a break and get a cup of coffee or go out to lunch, people will not only see their ID card, but also their decorative cardholder with your company's name on it. It doesn't always have to be on a billboard, on television, or the radio.

4. Creates a Better Work Environment

Not everyone is great with remembering names. Having an ID card holder to display your employees name makes it a more casual and relaxed environment. Think about it: when someone addresses you by name, the conversation becomes less formal. Providing an ID cardholder helps employees become more familiar with one another.

Its all about working together to make our businesses great! Contact a Specialist ID representative for help, or just call us toll-free at our Miami location at 1-800-380-6726.

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