Where Can I Purchase Parking Permit Holders Online?


Whether you're living in Miami or in the open fields of the Midwest, space is a luxury, especially when it comes to parking. So, its important to keep track of who is supposed to be on your property so that you can take care of those whose not. But in order for you to do this, you need to be able to clearly identify your vehicles.

The Options

Now, parking stickers is one way to go about finding a solution, but this may not be feasible for people who drive different vehicles or who have their window tinted. Plus, sticker decals may not be every persons first choice because they can take a little bit of work to take off. Another negative feature about sticker decals is that they're not easily visible especially vehicles with tinted windows!

Parking Permits Tags, the Better Solution!

Specialist ID, an ID badge holder and accessory distributor in Miami, Florida, specializes in providing ID badges to businesses in bulk, but many people may not know that we also offer parking permit holders that you can order online and have at your doorstep in approximately one week.

You can choose from pre-printed rigid hangtag holders, temporary one-day expiring parking tags, or the non-expiring tags. You can always visit Specialist IDs online catalog to view all of your options, but weve placed some here to help you out!

Specialist ID Parking Tag Selections

  1. Clear Rigid Vinyl Vertical Vehicle Parking Pass Hang Tag Holder This parking pass holder is similar to one of our clear ID badge holders thats clear on the front and back and designed with a protective pocket to securely hold an ID or a custom-made parking pass. This tag holder can fit right behind your rearview mirror. This is also available for horizontal parking passes.
  2. Temporary Expiring Hangtag "VISITOR PARKING PERMIT" If you have the type of business where parking space is limited, but you also have a frequent amount of visitors, then you might benefit from a pack of temporary parking passes that come in a box of 500. There is a minimum purchase of 6 boxes for this type of parking pass. These are perfect for conventions, games, and other events.
  3. Non-expiring 3x5 Parking Permit Hangtag Consider a bulk amount of numbered pre-printed non-expiring hangtag for employees. These parking hangtags come in a selection of blue or red and in sets of 100, but can go as high as 500. If you need more, then we encourage you to speak with a Specialist ID representative.

Other parking permits include expiring time with regional climate-based tags. You can also make your own from paper and just purchase one of our oversized vinyl badge ID holders. Just know that you have options, and the team at Specialist ID can offer you the best parking tag solutions for your business needs. So, if youre interested in other types of visitor management permits, call 1-800-380-6726, or contact us online today! We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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