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You've seen them everywhere, but you still don't know where to buy lanyards? Well, look no further folks, you've come to the right place. From schools to federal facilities, small businesses and large corporations, more and more people every day are looking to buy a lanyard but just don't know where to find them. If you're one of these people, welcome to Specialist ID.

Since 2001 we've been bringing the best lanyards in the world to your fingertips with our online store. Our lanyards help people keep their keys, IDs, tickets, and passes around their torso area for easy access at a moments notice. We have key lanyards in many different colors, lengths (1/8″, 3/8″, 5/8″), in both breakaway and non-breakaway styles, round or flat, earth-friendly lanyards, anti-microbial lanyards , and Licensed Sports Lanyards being offered at no-minimum order so you'll be able to buy exactly what you need.

If you're looking for lanyards to help your company get organized, you're in good hands. Photo ID lanyards are used to quickly identify personnel in hospitals, promotional events, hotel parties, and other working environments with a large volume of employees. They can even increase the time for professionals who are required to regularly display a photo ID card at security checkpoints. That's because lanyards for IDs can be easily seen, swiped and scanned for a smooth experience every time.

On the other hand, if you want to know where to buy a lanyard that you can use for everyday use, like holding your house keys, gym pass, bus pass, or school ID, there's a large selection of colorful lanyards that look great for everyday wear. Whether you chose a blue cool lanyard or a pink pretty lanyard, there's a lanyard that's just right for you.

Part of the reason for that is because the lanyards that you carry with you every day tend to fit any typesetting without ever seeming out of place. They become a part of your character. Some of the guys I work with look naked when they're not wearing their lanyards. For them, lanyards are like a perfect pair of shoes that you can walk through either a formal or informal occasion and still fit in.

From die-hard sports fans wearing their Official Sports Lanyard Ticket Holders to the entrepreneur at work who created a custom lanyard imprinted with his companies name, logo and colors, for a more professional look over his peers wearing their generic lanyards, there's a lanyard for any occasion. You can even use them when you travel to hold your maps, ticket passes, and even water parks.

I remember the days when I was nothing but an inexperienced young lad with a secret admiration for all the popular kids at school that wore cool lanyards. They'd have these colored lanyards that would keep them entertained for hours and Id watch them spin their key lanyards around their fingers and catapult them into the sky with remarkable artistry and mastery while the rest of us were stuck fiddling with our thumbs, trying to figure out what to do next. These lucky lanyard children even got to put their pretty lanyards on the pretty girls that didn't have cooties. All I had was a measly key in my pocket!

I had the impression that I was missing out on something. It's moments like those where it seemed like everyone knew where to buy lanyards except for me. Looking back, I've come to realize that lanyards serve so many other purposes besides what they're intended to do, which is making it easier for people to carry and access their keys and photo ID cards. And no matter if its a flat breakaway lanyard, round non-breakaway lanyard, made in USA Lanyard , or a Badge Reel & Lanyard Combo , these ID badge holders seem to have a way of matching their users' personalities in ways that I cant quite understand. They add a new dimension, vibe, persona, and an air of authenticity to someone's character in some strange and fascinating way.

So the next time you ask yourself where to buy lanyards, remember that a small family owned and operated American business named Specialist ID has asked the same question and given you the answer. From cool lanyards, to pretty lanyards, and all the beautiful colors and the different styles available, the best lanyards in the industry can be found right here in our store. We continue to update our selection with the best and newest products on a regular basis.

With all the different purposes and solutions, lanyards have offered people for years, wed love to hear from your experiences. What are your favorite lanyards from our store? Well send a free lanyard to the first 5 people that leave us a reply!

Dont miss our video of Patrick using a premium breakaway ID neck lanyard below.

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