Which is Better, a Heavy Duty Badge Reel or Standard?

This all depends on what you need the badge reel for and how you intend to use it. By the name alone, it would appear that perhaps a heavy-duty badge reel would be the fail-safe choice, after all, it says it's heavy-duty! However, if you are on a conservative budget and need a badge reel for lightweight purposes, why spend the money for a heavy-duty?

It all really depends on what you consider lightweight. Just because you may only be carrying an identification badge or one key doesn't mean that you cant benefit from a heavy-duty badge reel. Common knowledge about heavy-duty badge reels is that they are strong enough to hold a considerable amount of weight which is true!

Specialist ID, a company that specializes in badge holders and accessories located in the South Florida area, stocks a variety of heavy-duty badge holders that can hold anywhere from 6 oz. 15 oz. What this means is that depending on which badge reel you choose, you can carry anywhere from 5 25 keys, if necessary. You can even attach small tools to some of these badge reels a perfect solution for plumbers, landlords, maintenance workers, and building contractors.

Take a look at a video demonstration about how Specialist IDs Black Chrome Heavy-Duty Badge Reel with Belt Clip (2120-3300)works here.

Some Challenges

The one obstacle that you might run into with a heavy-duty badge reel is the life of the actual reel. While the 2120-3300 is strong enough to hold a generous amount of weight, it has a rating of 10,000 pulls. While this number is quite substantial, it is something that needs to be taken into consideration when determining how often will you need to pull the reel.

If you find that you may benefit from a badge reel that yields more pulls, then perhaps what you need is the standard badge reel or aKey-Bak reel. Key-Bak reels are heavy duty and rated for the most amount of pulls, but are considerably more expensive than the standard reels. Standard reels are generally rated up to 100,000pulls, Specialist IDs Badge Reel with Belt Clip (P/N 2120 -303X) hold less weight, but is also available in seven colors both in solid and translucent: black, blue, gray, green, red, white/clear, and yellow. With the standard badge reel, Specialist ID also gives you the opportunity to customize your badge reel by uploading your own logo, making it all the more easier to identify.

View a video demonstration about how the2120 303X Standard Badge Reel works here.

Most wholesale distributors require a minimum order to save costs. Specialist ID allows our customers to order as many or as little badge holders and accessories as needed, even if its just a standard and heavy-duty to test which one works better for you! The standard badge reels start out at79 cents a unit and the heavy-duty badge reels start as low as $2.71 a unit.

You also have the flexibility to order your badge reelsdirectly online or through the assistance of our knowledgeable customer servicestaff. Specialist ID generally shipsout orders within a 24-hour period anywhere in the United States. However, itsworth noting that you must allow 7 10 business days of lead time forcustomized orders. So call us at 1-800-380-6726 or online to placeyour order today.




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