Which Type of Badge Holder is Right for Your Business?


In the world of identification (ID) badges, you might think that your first option might be the right choice. After all, it's just a badge holder, right? Wrong! There are so many options for your ID badge that many purchasers may not know about. If there's a better solution for holding IDbadges for your particular line of business, wouldn't you want to know about it?

Specialist ID, a wholesale ID badge and accessory distributor based in South Florida has supplied products to different types of industries throughout the country for some time now. As a result, we have come to learn which badge holders work for certain kinds of businesses. We've provided a short reference list of unique badge holders that might be the right one for your line of work.

List of Ideal Badge Holders

WitzWaterproof Sport Cases

If you're operating a theme park or some other type of water attraction, its best to supply your staff with a waterproof ID badge holder. Other industries like a beach resort or a cruise liner might also benefit from keeping their lifeguards and cabana workers ID badge nice and dry. The great feature with Witzs cases is that they are crush resistant and your employees can insert more than just one ID badge. This way they can keep all personal documents like a driver's license or credit card on themselves.

Fuel CardHolders

This is the best option for any type of professional driver. SpecialistID has a selection of fuel cardholders to meet every kind of driving position. The Clear Fuel Card Holder for Visor with Elastic band is ideal for chauffeuring. It can easily attach to your visor keeping your driver's ID visible at all times. Truckers may find that either the Rigid Fuel Card Holder with Key Ring or the Secure Fuel Card Holder with Key Ring best suits their needs as they can attach their ID and/or fuel card to their key chain while keeping it snug and secure.

Arm BadgeHolders

For personnel who work with their hands, the arm badge holder is recommended. Factory workers who are operating machinery do not need the obstruction of a dangling badge holder from their neck, because this is a serious hazard. Also, anyone working in law enforcement can definitely benefit from an arm badge holder.

RFIDShield Holders

If your company has ID badges that hold private data, we recommend the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) badge, holder. Huge corporations and government agencies tend to shop for this type of badge holder. The RFID badge protects your badge or credit card from being scanned, blocking any thieves from extracting personal data.

Specialist ID: Supplying You with Options

If you're working in an industry where you need to protect sensitive data, browse our selection of RFID badge holders. Any type of professional driver should peruse through our selection of fuel cardholders while anyone working in harsh conditions could benefit from the Witz waterproof cases. Place your order with us today or call Specialist ID at 1-800-380-6726. You can even contact us online.

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