Which Vehicle Fleet Should Have Fuel Card Holders?


Fuel card holders are ideal for keeping security and gas cards protected during everyday use. Any company operating a fleet of vehicles can certainly benefit from equipping their drivers with fuel cardholders.

The Need for FuelCard Holders

Professional drivers should always keep their identification(ID) visible, and fuel cards are the perfect way to make this happen. While your drivers can simply store their CDL license and company picture ID with their state ID and credit cards, its better if their professional ID is easily accessible for customers especially for the law enforcement, if necessary.

Types of Industries That Prefer Fuel Card Holders

Specialist ID, a wholesale distributor of badge holders and accessories in South Florida, has an online selection of fuel cardholders that can benefit various driving industries. While the three that we suggest can be used in almost any industry, we've listed the fuel cardholders that certain driving industries prefer according to our own distribution:

RigidFuel Card with Key Ring: For Construction Workers

Construction areas are always restricted for safety purposes. Oftentimes, it's necessary for construction workers to have the proper ID to enter a construction zone. Sometimes, the site is located in an area where only certain personnel is allowed, like a government building. Whether the site is inside or outside, having proper ID is crucial, but at the same time, construction workers need to be hands-free without anything getting in their way.

That's why the Rigid Fuel CardHolder with the keyring is the preferred choice. This cardholder acts as a key chain in where workers can keep their ID and car keys together.

ClearFuel Card Holder for Visor with Elastic Band: For Truckers

This kind of card fuel holder is most preferred by truckers because they are constantly in and out of their vehicle, loading and unloading cargo. In cases like this, it just might be more convenient to keep their trucking ID and/or fuel card in their truck. Another thing to consider is that truckers practically live on the road. They frequently stop at rest stops to shower and change clothes. To avoid getting their ID and fuel cards lost in their laundry, storing them safely in their visors might be a viable option.

These fuel cardholders fit snugly around the trucks visor where drivers can easily access the contents when fueling their truck. It's also a great way to keep ID visible at all times.

ClearSoft Horizontal Fuel Card or ID Badge Holder with Zipper Closure and Key Ring (506-ZHKR): For Limo Drivers

Limo Driversseem to prefer this particular type of cardholder because of the zip-top closure that safely secures the contents. This keeps them from getting destroyed, or falling out and getting misplaced. With this particular kind of cardholder, you're able to fit up to three ID cards. This means you can store your professional driver ID, state ID, and credit card while you're on the job. With this ID holder, you don't have to carry all of your sensitive IDs and credit cards with you they're safely tucked away!

For other ideas for fuel cards, contact SpecialistID today!

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