Wholesale Waterproof ID Holders for Cruise Ships

The one thing that many cruise voyagers overlook when preparing for their trip on the sea is an ID holder. For the most part, cruise-goers wont really need their identification throughout the voyage. Its only needed when they're boarding and getting off the ship. Even on-board, almost every cabin is designed with a private safe to store such things as wallets, phone, jewelry and any other valuables.

A cruise ship is pretty much a city floating on water and the idea is that as a passenger, this is a kind of world where you're living carefree so ideally, a wallet wont be needed, and for the most part, it isn't.


What is a Cruise ID Pass?

Cruise ships are organized in a way where passengers wont need their wallet. Each passenger is issued a cruise ID pass that works as their room key and method of payment. That card is linked to the passengers private credit card account and at the end of the voyage, the amount that the passenger has swiped on his or her cruise ID pass will be billed to his or her credit card.

Cruise ID passes are used to purchase alcoholic beverages, participate in ship activities, and shop from the cruise liners boutiques for general goods or souvenirs and duty-free merchandise. Its also used to book excursions. So it goes without saying that the cruise ID pass is THE most important piece of ID that a voyager needs. It cannot afford to be hidden away in a stateroom safe.

How to Store Your Cruise ID Pass

So how can voyagers keep track of this valuable piece of ID when they're spending most of their time in the pool? Specialist ID carries a line of waterproof ID holders designed for the cruise-goer. Our line of Witz See-It-Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holders are designed with an airtight seal that will keep water out and contents dry. The Witz line of waterproof cases all comes with an adjustable lanyard and a carabiner to attach to a belt loop, purse strap, or beach bag.

Buy Your Supply of Waterproof Cases in Assorted Colors

Stock your store with an assortment of vibrant colors or patterns. Whether its for a leisure cruise or a corporate retreat, buyers can select certain colors to better identify roles. These waterproof ID cases also come in transparent colors so that cruise goers can see exactly whats in their container.

The standard ID cases are designed to hold up to 5 credit card-sized IDs. If you're looking for something that can hold a little more, then look to our Witz Waterproof Sport Cases that are large enough to hold keys and travel size items.

Watch this video about Specialist IDs waterproof sports case:

With Specialist ID, there is no minimum order. Purchase as many or as little as you like. You can get your waterproof badges delivered right to your doorstep in 2-6 business days. Place your order online now or call 1-800-380-6726 to speak to a representative. You can also also contact us online !

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