Why You Need this Hands Free Door Opener

Why You Need this Hands Free Door Opener

EDC Brass Hands Free Door Opener

Do you have any idea what kind of bacteria and virus particles are floating around on every doorknob or handle you touch each day? It’s probably not a very pretty thing to think about. Fortunately, there’s a new way to deal with the problem that can help you stay clean and fresh no matter where you have to go.

A hands-free everyday carry multitool made from solid brass by Specialist ID is the answer to your door opening worries.

EDC Brass Hands-Free Door Opener

By investing in a hands-free door opener, you’re getting a clean device that allows you to avoid hand-to-door knob contact. Some people have gone so far as to call it the ultimate utility key that attaches to your keyring or carabiner.

Over time, you’ll find that it opens everything from heavy doors that you need to push or pull. Depending on the type of job you do, you can use it to press elevator buttons and keyboard entry systems.

Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool

Most importantly, though, it’s made of brass so it can stay sterile even when you’ve touched it against something.

Germ Free Brass Door Opener

Normally, when we think of sanitizing something, we have a tendency to think of bleach or some other kind of disinfectant that society has become reliant on. Naturally, there is a place for all of these compounds though they can become rather harmful when misused or used far too much.

Our door opener is made of brass, which contains copper. Germs don’t really like to live on copper, so you won’t find a virus or bacterial colony living on one. If you’ve been concerned about the latest pandemic, any coming additional waves or even future ones that we haven’t hit just yet, then you can rest easy knowing that this is a device that increases your level of safety.

Granted, you’re still going to want to clean it off but your hands won’t come into contact with anything when you use it. Copper and the various alloys of it are all self-sterilizing, which is particularly helpful when you’re traveling between different locations on a regular basis.

Best of all, the EDC multitool even works on some touch screens. That’s some additional good news for anyone who has to use a touch screen to enter a code that’s needed to open a door.

Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool

The large finger hole will fit any size but perhaps the biggest reason you’re going to need this is the fact that it’s made in a machine shop in the United States.

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Feel good about the level of safety this hands-free door opener provides you no matter if you’re dealing with the current virus outbreak or the next one.

At Specialist ID, we are working in many different ways to provide our customers with comfort and convenience during these times. Explore our wide selection of lanyards, ID Badges, and accessories and you might discover how much easier they can make your life.

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