Why You Should Use Self-Expiring Visitor Badges


If you're managing a large facility, one of the main concerns might be a liability. While you cannot be 100% in preventing accidents and unseemly things to occur, it is your responsibility to reduce the possibility of such unfortunate incidents. One of the ways of doing this is through properly identifying your personnel. This notion may seem elementary, but it works! Having personnel properly identified quickly familiarizes one another on who they're working with and most importantly distinguishes those who don't.

Name Tags? Why?

It might seem ridiculous to have nametags, but for business corporations that have an extremely large quantity of employees and a volatile amount of visitors coming in and out on a daily basis, its absolutely necessary. While you'd be able to keep track of personnels comings and goings simply with them clocking in and out, it may be a bit more challenging with visitors like clients, maintenance crews, etc. That's where a visitor pass would come in quite handy.

Considering the Practicality of Self Expiring Visitors Pass

When you think of a self-expiring visitor pass, paper and printouts might come to mind. Admittedly, its a pretty clever tool as you can print out a black and white picture of the visitor. However, as a purchaser, you need to ask yourself exactly how efficient that is. The equipment alone would require maintenance and upkeep. So as cool as it may seem, it may be a bit excessive amount of money to spend on visitors that will only be in the building for an hour or two.

The main purpose of providing identification at your workplace is so that you can have an ongoing record of every person who has entered the building and for how long. Sure, sign-in sheets are also efficient, but what happens after they sign in? How will other employees be able to identify that person and what his or her purpose is? The solution is so simple and cost-effective.

Badge Buddies. That's Really All You Need.

Badge Buddies are the most popular identification (ID) tag in the healthcare industry. By law, all healthcare workers are required to accompany their picture identification badges with a Badge Buddy. Badge Buddies are a quick and easy way to identify personnel without getting in someones personal space trying to read the tiny print on their picture ID. Badge Buddies have boldly printed text that comes in a variety of bright colors that visibly attract one's eye to the actual ID.

Badge Buddies come pre-printed for the healthcare industry jobs in a horizontal or vertical display. However, for businesses outside of healthcare, you can customize what you want your Badge Buddy to say. To learn more about Badge Buddies titles, read Common Badge Buddy Titles here.

Placing an Order is Easy

There is no minimum order when you purchase your Badge Buddies from Specialist ID. However, should you choose to order in bulk, we do offer discounts. Contact our customer service representative today at 1-800-380-6726, or if you're in the Miami area, call 305-220-5500. We can mail your order to you or save on delivery costs and pick it up yourself. Contact us today online to place an order now.

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