Witz Sport Cases, Your New Best Friend for Every Day Carry

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1260/4809/products/00811-2.jpeg?v=1558413550Are you a hiker, or a biker? Do you prefer to rock climb or kayak? Whatever your adventure, Witz Cases have a way to keep your every day carry items safe from the elements when you are on the go. From ID card holders to larger sports cases, Witz Cases has the solution to keep you and your belongings safely and within reach, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor experience to the fullest extent possible. These unique waterproof cases can protect everything from identification cards to electronics, as well as first aid kits and much more. The possibilities are limited only by your needs!


Designed and in Gold Dale, California, the patented Witz Sport Case design was quick to emerge as the leading manufacturer of sport cases in the outdoor gear industry. Wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, Witz Sport Cases has a product to keep your important documents, electronics, and health kits safe. In addition to their usefulness as outdoor protective gear, Witz Sport Cases are also useful as everyday gear. Whether you need to keep your smartphone or MP3 player safe at work or you require a more durable wallet, Witz Sport Cases have several suitable options. Check out some of our popular Witz Cases that will surely assist you in surviving the daily grind and achieving your outdoor dreams.

1. Witz ID/Badge Holders- Whether you need to carry your drivers license, photo IDs, credit cards, passport, hunting and fishing permit, access permit, or any other form of identification, Witz Cases ID and Badge Holders are the perfect options. All of these cases are made of durable crush-resistant plastic and feature a neck lanyard and attached Carabiner. Additionally, these cases have rubber O rings that keep the elements out of your paperwork. The patented angled design is proof that you are getting only the best authentic Witz cases available.

Witz Cases has three varieties of ID/Badge holders, including the See It Safe, the ID Locker, and the Passport Locker. The See It Safe is a small, vertically displayed case that comes in a variety of clear colors. The ID Locker is larger than the See It Safe with a horizontal display. The Passport Locker is larger yet, with room for your passport and important travel documents. Whichever case you choose, your documents will be safe with a Witz Case.

2. Electronics- Witz Cases sells a variety of waterproof electronics cases. Similarly to the ID/Badge Holders, these electronic cases are made of super durable ABS plastic and are fitted with O rings to keep dust, dirt, and moisture out. Witz Cases electronic cases come in several varieties, including the Smart Phone Locker, the DPS Locker, the Shutter Case, and the Utility Locker.

The Smart Phone Locker is the perfect size to fit your iPhone or Android smartphone (Cell Phone Locker I for iPhone and Cell Phone Locker II for the larger Androids). These unique cases are not only crushing resistant, but they also are padded on both the top and bottom and are lined with felt to keep your smartphone safe. The Smart Phone Locker is available in two shapes to fit cell phones of all sizes. The DPS Locker has the same features as the Smart Phone Locker but comes in a larger size to accommodate electronic devices such as your GPS, camera, or mp3 player. The Shutter Case is the perfect product for photographers and is fully equipped to keep your digital camera safe from dirt and moisture. If you have larger electronic devices, the Utility Locker is the product for you. Available in several varieties, the Utility Locker is padded with protective foam and features loops to strap the case to your outdoor equipment.

3. Eyewear- Witz has designed two products that are guaranteed to keep your eyewear safe. Featuring the same patented design as the rest of their protective cases, Witz waterproof eyewear cases will keep your glasses intact and free of scratches. Witz eyewear cases are available in two varieties- the Lens Locker and The Wrapper.

The Lens Locker features a Carabiner, foam padding, and a felt liner to keep your traditional eyewear safe. The Wrapper extends the same protection to your larger wraparound eyewear.

4. Kits & Emergency- No matter what walk of life youre from, Witz Cases has a variety of kits that are perfect for your active lifestyle. Each kit is encased in the same durable plastic as the rest of Witzs products. Witz offers a Dog Care Kit, a Sun Care Kit, a Travel Kit, a First Aid Kit, and a First Aid Locker.

The Dog Care Kit comes with a unique dog bone shaped Carabiner and contains 10 waste bags, 3 antiseptic wipes, a tick remover, and 3 hand wipes. The Sun Care Kit contains a 1-ounce tube of SPF 30 sunblock, a 1-ounce tube of aloe jelly, and SPF 15 aloe lip balm. The travel kit is great for the forgetful traveler and includes lip balm, 3 packets of pain relief medication, 3 packets of antacids, 3 moist towelettes, 3 bandages, and one miniature sewing kit. For the outdoor enthusiast, a first aid kit is a must. Witzs First Aid Kit includes a knuckle bandage, 3 large elastic bandages, 3 small round bandages, 2 butterfly bandages, 1 square gauze pad, 1 ointment foil pack, 3 antiseptic swabs, 1 sting relief swab, 2 antacid packets, 2 ibuprofen packets, 2 aspirin packets, a first aid manual, and a resealable zipper bag.

The First Aid Locker comes packed into a larger container than the other travel and emergency kits and is capable of handling most minor emergencies. Cased in a Utility Locker, the First Aid Locker contains burn ointment, fingertip bandages, gauze rolls, waterproof tape, a compress, elastic bandages, sting relief swabs, an instant ice pack, scissors, antacid, pain relievers, anti-itch cream, ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment, a mending kit, latex gloves, gauze pads, and a first aid booklet. Any outdoor enthusiast would be wise to carry a first aid kit with them at all times to treat any minor injuries. Should more significant injuries occur, Witzs First Aid Locker is equipped to return you to health until you are able to seek medical attention.

5. Sport Cases- Witz Cases sells a variety of sports cases suitable for keeping your belongings safe from the elements during your outdoor adventure. Whether you want to take your smartphone kayaking or take your GPS rock climbing, Witz Cases has a product that is ideal for your individual needs. These cases come in a variety of stylish colors, patterns, and prints to suit every style and add flair to your outdoor gear. Whether you prefer glitter, camo print, animal print, or solid colors, there is a Witz case to appeal to your design aesthetic.

6. Accessories- In addition to their sport cases, Witz also carries a variety of accessories for your new sport case. These accessories include key ring Carabiners, dog bone Carabiners, replacement foam, lanyards, and pull reels. These accessories can extend the life of your Witz Sport Case and work to modify your Witz products to suit your personal needs.

Witz Sport Cases are designed with quality in mind. Thin, durable, and close to unbreakable, these products have emerged as the best in the sport case industry. Online testimonials speak of the amazing ability of Witz sport cases to remain intact even after serious damage should have occurred. One pleased customer writes on the Witz Sport Cases blog that they mistakenly ran over their waterproof sports case with their vehicle. Despite the severity of the accident, the case remained intact. Despite scratches, dings, and dents, the sport case still works as expected and retained its shape (Although we dont recommend running over your case, and cant guarantee it will survive, it is amazing to hear that it did!). Such is the high quality of all Witz Sport Cases products.

As if all of these uses and benefits werent reason enough to invest in a Witz Sport Case, all of their products are both affordable and Specialist ID has some of the most competitive prices around. While other companys sport cases may pretend to be the best, dont be fooled. Their products are inferior, and their price comparable. If you plan to head outdoors and enjoy the wildlife, or if youre in need of a replacement for your wallet or electronic device case, consider purchasing any of the fine lines of Witz Sport Cases products.

If you have any specific questions about our Witz Cases or have a story of your own to share, please just leave us a comment below!

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