Witz Sports Cases Discount Code | Witz Coupon Code

The time of sun and water has arrived, and were saying goodbye to the frosty winter we never had down here in Miami and celebrating more of the sweet Florida sunshine with a 10% off witz sports cases discount code for the month of May.

This discount includes our entire line of witz sports cases, so be sure to familiarize yourself with all the wonderful items we have to offer in our store and to watch our Witz sports cases videos on youtube before making any purchasing decisions.

To redeem your coupon code, simply choose the Witz sports waterproof cases that are right for you or your family and friends and then enter the WITZ10OFF discount code at the checkout cart. Your Witz sports cases will be shipped to your door in 2-3 business days.

Why is summer such a great time for a witz sports case? With a witz sports case youll be able to keep anything from an ID, drivers license, credit cards, hotel room keys and cash, to larger smart phones and and emergency kits all safe in a virtually unbreakable plastic container that can also float in the water. Sounds like a pretty good way to keep your items safe if you ask me.

At the end of the day, I think we all know that when were on vacation, the last thing we need to do is lose our passports, tickets, passes, IDs and more. And leaving it at the beach unattended can be a risky move, especially when youre traveling abroad. So if you think its a good idea to keep your gear together for the adventures that lie ahead, whether youll camping, biking, hiking, rafting, or beach, these are a wonderful summer accessory for your next trip to the water.

With most of the smaller witz sports waterproof badge holders, you have two options for carrying them, as each one comes with a breakaway lanyard or a carabiner. With the breakaway lanyard, your can tie the waterproof badge holder around your bag strap, or wear it around your neck like an ID badge. If you happen to get your lanyard caught on something, it will snap apart under a bit of pressure, but can fit back together afterwards.

Either way, theyre also the perfect size fit for a pocket or bag. Just slide em into your bathing suits or the small pocket in your book bag or purse and youre good to go.

Our Witz waterproof badge holder also come in plenty of different shapes sizes and colors, and each one comes with a particularly unique design that makes it stick out from the rest. Since theyre great for all ages, we invite you to check out each of the different items we have available in our store to find the one thats perfect for you.

If you have any trouble figuring out which case is right for you, or want to ask for a second opinion, just leave us a message below or send us an email at sales@specialistid.com for more information on our witz sports cases and other ID badge holders and accessories at Specialist ID.

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