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Key-Bak 6 Series Mid Size Badge Reels

Posted on
Cut from the same cloth as what the New York Times calls the Key-Bak Classic, the Key-Bak 6 series mid-size badge reels deserve our attention. These badge reels are smaller...

University Customized Badge Reels

Posted on
The student ID card has more power now than ever before on the college campus. Theyre no longer being used solely to provide a photograph and name. These days theyre...

ID Badge Holders with a Zipper Top

Posted on
There are many perks that come with having ID badge holders with a zipper top. Let's say you're a camp counselor and paint, sweat, water, and food are only a...

Top 5 Reasons Vinyl Badge Holders Are Brilliant

Posted on
Oh vinyl, You are so soft and flexible. You are the third most widely produced plastic in the world. You came bursting onto the scene, accidentally, in 1835. Yet just...

What is a RFID Chip?

Posted on
Whether you're living in America or not, we're all surrounded by chips. But I'm not talking about poker chips or potato chips, today I want to discuss the RFID chip,...

Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo

Posted on
Sometimes we get requests from customers for products that don't exist. Whenever that happens, we'll make them ourselves if we can. If both parties are happy with the end result,...

Three ID Badge Holder

Posted on
By request and in demand. the answer to your multiple badge holding needs. The 3 ID B-Holder is finally here! Cool, rigid and secure badge holder to hold three ID...

Ticket Holders

Posted on
Ready for your next sporting event or concert? We have your ticket holder! Protect and preserve those valuable tickets with this durable, acrylic ticket holder. Ticket holders make it easy...

Frosted Vertical 2-Card Access Card Dispenser

Posted on
Want to save the life of your Photo ID cards? Badge holders will do just that. Whether using your photo ID to get through security checkpoints, your gym membership ID to...

Going to College Lanyards

Posted on
Its that time of the year where high school seniors are getting ready to graduate! Some will be heading off to college before the end of the year. Yes time...

Runners Wallet

Posted on
I call this the runner's wallet item because of its flexibility to be worn around the arm, being hands-free and still equipped with your basic needs while on the run...

Safety First

Posted on
Do you have your First Aid safety kit handy? Better yet, do your kids have a First Aid kit available to them for their everyday activities? Now might be the...

Autism Awareness Month

Posted on
April is the month for National Autism Awareness. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) affects over 1.5 million people in the United States and is considered the fastest-growing developmental disorder, averaging a 17%...

Neon Lanyards and Badge Reels by Demand

Posted on
We added another dimension of coolness to our lanyard collections. Can you see the difference? That's right, NEON. The trendy florescent craze from back in the 80s is back in...

Armband ID and iPod Holder

Posted on
Our armband ID and IPod holder (1260), doesn't care whether you're in the military or law enforcement, about to tackle some weights at the gym, or going for a jog...

Leather Badge Holder

Posted on
I know what you were thinking when you saw this picture; This blog article is just for police officers, law enforcement officials, security guards, FBI agents, investigators, and all those...

White Badge Reel with Swivel Clip

Posted on
Arguably the most popular white badge reel on the market, nurses all over the world are choosing this white badge reel with swivel clip to carry their IDs and keys...

Breakaway Lanyard ID Holder Badge Reel Combo

Posted on
Here at Specialist ID, we bring a lot of the worlds best ID badge holders into our warehouse, so we can add more ammo to the arsenal of our online...

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