Collection: EK Lanyards

What kind of lanyard have you been wearing on a day to day basis? The one you do says a lot about you, and it might even encourage others to wear their badges. While you might not think of compliance and fashion as being related, they are to a much greater extent than you might imagine. A good looking lanyard is one that your staffers won’t mind wearing, so they’ll be more likely to actually put their badge on at the beginning of the day.


EK Lanyards are an ideal choice for professionals who wear their ID badge day in and day out. The look and feel of these lanyards will inspire the same appreciation and admiration as a fine piece of jewelry. You may be surprised, but investing a few extra bucks in a badge holder adds that extra look of professionalism to your uniform that your peers will admire. However, EK lanyards were designed to last beyond beauty. These are some of the most rugged lanyards in the industry, which is why they’re a top choice among military, law enforcement, airport security, and others who support and appreciate first-class craftsmanship.

At Specialist ID, we’ve made sure to offer a large collection of fashionable and durable EK lanyards.

EK Lanyards for Your Organization

Since there are so many different styles preferred across a variety of industries, EK lanyards come in an equally diverse array of options. Try any of the following on for size and you’ll see why they’ve become so popular.

Soft End Lanyard with Fused Clip

In many cases, there’s nothing at all better than a classic. This traditional black lanyard looks great with many different types of badges. It features a 100 percent real nylon rope that should prove to be extremely durable even if you have to wear it all the time. Each of these is designed and assembled in the United States, which makes them not only perfect for patriots but an attractive option for those who have contractual obligations and therefore must purchase American-made products.

EK Lanyard with Two Dual Card Holders

Sometimes, one single piece of identification just isn’t enough. If you’ve ever found this to be the case, then this dual cardholder assembly should do the trick for you. It’s an excellent choice for those who have to have multiple badges as well as photographs whenever they’re checking in for work. Like other similar EK branded options, it’s made of 100 percent authentic nylon rope so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out quickly just because you have to carry around all of those badges on a regular basis.

One-Handed Holder with Detachable Lanyard

This is a heavy-duty lanyard that’s been FIPS 201 approved, so it’s perfect for those who work in organizations that have strict regulations in regards to these rules. It can keep all of your gear safely around your chest area while ensuring that it’s always visible. The engineers behind it were dedicated to designing something that allows one-handed scanner systems to be used with it. You won’t have to take your badge out if you simply need to scan it to gain entry to a certain area at work.

Lanyard with Dual-sided Smart Card Holder

Each dual-sided smart card holder comes with a detachable lanyard coupled to one of the finest CAC card or credit card holders you’re likely to come across in the industry. These naturally hold onto full-sized smart cards as well, which is ideal for companies that have digitized their security operations and issued new badges to employees in the process.

Those who might come across some special concerns are still likely to find EK Lanyards that will work great for them. Simply contact us online and we’ll help you find the