Collection: Heart Shaped Reels

Heart-shaped badge reels attach your id badge in a convenient and accessible way. At Specialist ID, we provide you with ID cards, safety breakaway lanyards, retractable badge holders and more! Our mission is to equip your business with all the tools and accessories necessary in order to improve organization and workflow.

Heart-Shaped Badge Reels

Heart-Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip

This Heart-shaped badge reel is retractable, meaning you can pull your ID card away to swipe or scan your credentials onto the ID scanner without having to remove the ID from your person. This way you avoid the risk of losing your ID badge and can go into different departments within the hospital easily.

Heart-Shaped Badge Clips Perfect For Hospital Staff

When you work in a hospital you come across all sorts of people facing different battles, a little kindness and act of compassion can go a long way. If you are a nurse or a doctor, wearing a Heart-shaped badge reel can bring your patients feelings of positivity, love, and hope.

Heart shapes can also generate feelings of trust, joy, and benevolence especially if you are a pediatrician and mostly work with kids. Children enjoy colors and shapes, so our heart-shaped badge reel will surely put a smile on a face.

Order Heart Badge Reels In Bulk

Heart-Shaped EKG Themed Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

This heart-shaped badge reel has the electrocardiogram symbol with the electrical activity of the heartbeat on the front making it appropriate for nurses, doctors and hospital staff in general. You can attach it to your shirt pocket, belt loop and scrubs. Bring joy into your workspace with this heart badge reel, you can purchase it in bulk and save more.

Heart-Shaped Ribbon “Awareness” Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

This heart-shaped badge reel has a breast cancer awareness symbol. This is a great badge reel to wear, as it serves as a constant reminder for women to get regular check-ups and reduce their chances of having breast cancer. The retracting cord and rotating swivel spring clip will allow you to easily pull your ID card as needed.

Custom Heart Shaped Badge Reel With Rotating Spring Clip

Add your custom logo onto this badge reel, you can add your brand name or company logo onto the space within the heart. Upload your logo and we will provide a digital proof to get a final approval before we create your custom badge.

Retractable Badge Reels At Specialist ID

At Specialist ID we offer various kinds of accessories including badge holders, ID printers and lanyards so that your employees can sport their credentials in an accessible and formal manner. You can order all of our heart-shaped badge reels in bulk! Buying in bulk saves you time, money and energy it is also one of the most ecologically conscious ways of making purchases.
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