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ID Card Printer Ribbons from Top Manufacturers

Most businesses need ID badges for their employees. For new employees, it’s a way to get to know everyone using their name badges. When businesses need to use parking garages and security, they can use IDs to know who can waive the daily fees and who can go into office penthouses. You want your card readers to work so that no potential hacker can tailgate. People who want to steal information from businesses rely on social cues, and a secure ID is one means by which businesses know who is and isn’t their building, and who has access to potentially sensitive and confidential information.

On a more personal note, a well-designed ID can make an employee take pride in their workplace. They’ll feel like part of a stronger team and a company that cares for them.

A badge printer can save your business some money if you don’t want to print with outside manufacturers. The benefits are that you can control all aspects of the design, from what you upload onto a computer file to if the IDs use lanyards or clips. A card can come in white or various colors, have magnetic stripes if you desire, or serve as proximity keys that open electronic locks. You can also save on costs in the long run after investing in a new machine and card software design, though some software such as Canva is free.

Once you have the machine, you’ll need the proper ribbon for it. This is not a ribbon that you use for decoration; a printer ribbon allows you to print text or images, the way typewriter used to work before computers made typewriters obsolete. A printer ribbon is different from ink cartridges, in that the ink is used to literally press letters onto a page.

Common brands include Evolis, Fargo, Jolly Software, Magicard, and Zebra. SpecialistId is a proud Fargo, Zebra, and Evolis ribbon supplier. We are very happy to supply you with the printer ribbon you need.

The different types of ribbons will also impact your color choices when printing, especially if you want to switch between grey, pure black, and full color. Monochrome ribbons, as the name details, only allow for one type of color when printing; the benefit of them lies in the cost being relatively inexpensive, and they work well on preprinted cards. YMCKOK will print color on one side and black and white on the other. YMCKO will allow you to print color on both sides of the card if you wish that; they also run out the fastest due to a person using them on both sides. The YMCK arrangement refers to CMYK -- or cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black)-- the colors used for printing designs as opposed to displaying them online.

Don’t Just DIY; Ask for the Right Ribbon

At Specialist ID, we want to make sure you know your YMC and CMYK and choose the right ribbon. Our experts can ensure that you don’t get monochrome when you meant for a YMCKO. We know

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