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EK Black Lanyard With Two Detachable Key Rings (10046) by EK USA

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Part number: 10046-Black

  • Breakaway Lanyard with Two Key Rings and Detachable Buckles
  • Great for Keys, ID Cards, and Outdoor Accessories
  • Rugged 100% Nylon Rope
  • Black Color
  • Made in the USA

Black Lanyard with Two Key Chain Holders (10046) by EK USA

This Black Lanyard with Two Key Chain Holders by EK USA is a resourceful tool for people that need to carry multiple items at a time. The 10046 has become a chameleon-like lanyard because of the various functions that people have performed with it. From hikers to fisherman, climbers to skiers, campers to outdoor workers to card holders and key holders, this versatile 19” (482mm) nylon black lanyard has found its place among people from various walks of life. It’s charm is in its two keychain holders, which allows for a person to carry on one lanyard what they would otherwise have to carry with two. With that aim in mind this rugged black lanyard was constructed with a 15mm 100% nylon braid to make sure that it could handle the extra items being carried.

To use this item, simply place it around your neck and it will comfortably rest on an average sized person above their belly button. Simply slide your items through the rings like you would when putting keys on a ring. If you’d like to remove your materials from your lanyard at any time the detachable buckle allows you to do so effortlessly, and when you’re done you can simply buckle it back onto the lanyard for easy access. If you’d like to increase or decrease the loop size of your lanyard you can do this simply with the adjustable clutch. This black sports lanyard was designed with your safety in mind, and if it were to become snagged and you were to become choked, its rubber connection comes with a safety feature so that it will snap apart. Although it warns its users that it is “not a reusable clasp”, I found that this lanyard can easily be put back together and can still be used as long as this function isn’t abused. Check out our instructional video below to get a better look at how great this Sports Lanyard Plus II works.


EK Black Lanyard With Two Detachable Key Rings (10046) by EK USA