Collection: Signature Capture / Handheld Scanners

Most cash registers in retail have a screen to sign after one uses a credit card. The post office uses them when you mail packages and have to pay for stamps or overnight shipping. Signature capture devices and sign pads are becoming more ubiquitous, and more valuable as a result.

Signature capture devices are digital machines that record your signature on a touchscreen and store it. Most businesses and government agencies use them for signing ID cards, paperwork, and receipts. That is why your business should also have one on hand, when you meet customers making purchases.

Why You Need an Electronic Signature Capture Device

A traditional signature tells a business that you have approved an exchange of goods and services. On a receipt, you can reassure a cashier that the credit card you used is your credit card and not someone elses. In a business contract, you show with a signature that you approve the deal, and that you will carry out the terms. This identification is important especially when signature forgery has increased since 2014.

Even so, most traditional businesses do not compare paper signatures on a regular basis, especially when they process thousands of customers. At best, they may call to verify if a customer signed a particular piece of paperwork or get their verbal approval. Getting notarization for added security can drastically increase the amount of money and time invested in paperwork. Hiring a handwriting expert can also involve time-consuming analysis, which is impractical in rapid day-to-day business transactions.

With signature devices, computers can record signatures and compare them against previous ones over time. It will also note a transactions date and time automatically, to create an accurate record. A stored signature reduces the risk of fraud and the need to store years worth of paperwork for such comparisons, which can prove tedious and inefficient for human employees. This can make recalling information more organized, comparing signatures in a matter of minutes rather than hours. You can also provide it as legal evidence in a case for prosecution and regulators.

Digital signature pads

Digital signature pads are a specific tablet that uses an LCD touchpad or stylus, that are often smaller and handheld; larger models can show entire electronic documents while smaller ones just show the signature. You can use a stylus pen to make the signature and redo it when necessary. Some devices, such as the Topaz signature pad, can also scan fingerprints for added security.

The Sig Lite is one low-cost option with the same techniques as the Topaz Signature Gem tablet. Other sig pads exist between the Sig Lite and the Signature Gem with a range of screen options and capabilities. Topaz will also integrate relevant software with the digital signature pads, to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Signature Scanner

A signature scanner is a device or app that scans a persons handwritten signature and stores it. It is not necessarily a signature capture device, which focuses on digital signatures.The bulkiest option is using an office scanner or copier, which can take an image of your signature and save it; Microsoft Office for both Mac and PC allows you to insert the signature and customize it. You have to save it as an image and use, ideally in JPG or PDF form to make for easier insertion.

Many offices have copiers and scanners for handling paperwork and necessary documents, so it is one option for saving signatures. Signature scanners provide the benefit of capturing your signature exactly as it is, but the process requires more steps and lacks the option to use fingerprints to identify and register users.

Signature Capture Devices vs. Smartphones

Smartphones, a smaller and more convenient option, currently contain apps that can take a picture of a signature and specifically label them as such; these apps include SignEasy and CamScanner. The tradeoff is that smartphones are less secure than specialized signature pads, even with fingerprint ID, and thus they are best for personal low-risk exchanges.

Digital signatures on smartphones, say from email, can also prove less professional and trustworthy. One Atlantic article notes that people for fun may change the sent from my iPhone email signature to sent from a carrier pigeon and convey an atmosphere of informality. A business owner would rather maintain their professional image and avoid potential embarrassment.

A Sig Lite pad has similar costs to that of a smartphone roughly and can provide more security for businesses. With programmed formality, a business owner or employee can consistently record signatures and appear professional to customers, minimizing the amount of risk.

Why Work With Specialist ID

Specialist ID is a family business, and we consider you as part of the family. Your security is our primary concern, and we combine stellar customer service with top-of-the-line products to keep your information and identity safe. We also consider preventing fraud a high priority for businesses.

At Specialist ID, we have signature capture devices that will boost morale and up your digital security. Our competitive prices ensure that you will find a digital signature pad or signature scanner well within your budget. We recommend the Topaz Signature pad as the top brand, since it ensures the utmost security with biometrics and forensic programming. Have any questions about adding and installing signature capture devices for your business? Contact us and we'll be in touch with you right away!