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Lanyard With Narrow Plastic Hook 2137-40XX

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Part number: 2137-4035

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  • 3/8" (10 mm) Flat Braid
  • Breakaway Woven Lanyard
  • Narrow Plastic Hook Keeps ID Facing Forward
  • Part Numbers: 2137-4035 Black, 2137-4040 Royal Blue, 2137-4060 Green, 2137-4080 Navy Blue, 2137-4095 Purple, 2137-4110 Red, 2137-4120 Teal, 2137-4125 White, 2137-4130 Yellow, 2137-4135 Maroon

Lanyard With Narrow Plastic Hook 2137-40XX

These lanyards take one of our most popular selling designs, and add the no twist plastic hook for additional convenience when displaying a photo ID badge. The no twist design keeps your ID badge facing forward so you don't have to manually flip it around when needing to display your picture. The flat 3/8" wide design is light weight and comfortable to wear. The additional breakaway feature is a safety precaution in case the lanyard were to be grabbed or caught, allowing it to un snap and be snapped back together.

Available in many colors, this is a great accessory to any professional uniform.