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Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard 2136-3521

Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard 2136-3521

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Part number: 2136-3521

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  • "Quick-Lock" Badge Reel Combo
  • Quick Release Allows You to Leave Your Badge Extended and "Snap it Back" With the Push of a Button
  • Great When Using with a Smart Card that Must Stay in Reader Without Retracting
  • Extra Long Extension - 34" Cord Length
  • Part Numbers: 2136-3521 Black, 2136-3522 Royal Blue, 2136-3523 White, 2136-3524 Navy Blue
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Locking Retractable Badge Reel Lanyard 2136-3521

Our locking lanyards have become very popular with government agencies that not only need to show their ID badges, but also need to have them inserted into a card reader while accessing secure computer systems. Without removing the ID, it extends an additional 34" allowing the wearer to insert the card and have it locked in the extended position. This also makes it very easy to remember to take your ID when you get up from the terminal.

The retractable reel automatically locks when you extend it, and with a simple press of the "Quick-Lock" button, the lanyard will roll back into itself and hang your items in an idle position. It comes with a clear vinyl strap that's great for carrying IDs, badge holders, and multiple keys.

The badge reel lanyard combo also makes it easier to open locks and maneuver small tools into position since you can reel your keys towards them without any retraction force.

Because this has a safety breakaway feature, the lanyard will snap apart when snagged or snared, yet can snap back together afterwards. Reel diameter is 1 3/8" and lanyard is 36" in total length.